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Transcript of H.L.

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Transcript of H.L.

Player: hi/hello
H.L.: Hmmm. I buy weapons, armor, and other stuff. What do you want, Player?
Player: ab'dendriel
H.L.: Elves... I hate them.
Player: god
H.L.: Forget the gods
Player: brat/woman
H.L.: Women are not good for fighting. I don't need them. I don't trade with them. And I don't like them.
Player: boss
H.L.: Well Snake Eye isn't 'my' boss if you mean that.
Player: broken
H.L.: Hmmm. Let me think. I guess you need something big. And steel-reinforced. A barrel, maybe.
Player: building
H.L.: You mean our old building in the south-west?
Player: no/yes
H.L.: Ah, nevermind.
H.L.: That's the old hideout. Quite an interesting place down there. There are lots of security mechanics and traps. But it collapsed partly.
Player: collapsed
H.L.: Yes. That's why we... well, they planned a new hideout. Our old hideout was the original vault.
H.L.: There might be still some good stuff in there, I guess.
Player: stuff
H.L.: You mean inside that vault? Uhm. I don't know what stuff there is. Sorry.
Player: buy/equipment/goods/ware
H.L.: I don't have anything to offer, but I buy almost everything. Wanna trade?
Player: trade
H.L.: I buy weapons, distance weapons, armors and shields. If you want to see only a certain category, tell me which of those.
Player: thais
H.L.: Ha! Thais. I lived there once. You know, I was in the royal army. But what they're fighting for... it's all wrong. I deserted.
Player: royal army
H.L.: You get an excellent fighter training in the army. But they are fighting for the wrong cause.
Player: cause
H.L.: I don't really want to talk about it.
Player: cip
H.L.: Forget about Cip.
Player: hid
H.L.: Wild warriors always have something to hide.
Player: key
H.L.: What key? Show me!
Player: key (while having key 3303 with you)
H.L.: Oh. That's a new key. Hmmm. Must be for the new hideout.
Player: device/machine
H.L.: Yes. Those doors seem to be driven by some strange... devices. But I have no idea how they work. Maybe you can find something out?
H.L.: Yeah. I'm a wild warrior. Well, to be honest, I was. I left them. Some of them became too aggressive. Simply attacking everyone for no reason is not good.
Player: dwarfs/kazordoon
H.L.: Dwarfs are good people. I like them.
Player: durin
H.L.: Forget Durin. He's the worst anyway.
Player: steve
H.L.: Forget Steve.
Player: guido
H.L.: Forget Guido.
Player: stephan
H.L.: Forget Stephan.
Player: edron
H.L.: Might be a good place to live. But the people are too Thais friendly for my taste
Player: h.l.
H.L.: That's me.
Player: king
H.L.: They should hang him...
Player: job
H.L.: I buy all kinds of armory and weapons.
Player: tibia
H.L.: Well, at least there's one place worth visiting in Tibia. Here!
Player: name
H.L.: Won't tell you.
Player: new
H.L.: It's somewhere in the woods, of course. I don't know where.
Player: camp
H.L.: Most people in the camp are just hunters.
Player: ruler
H.L.: Tibia doesn't need a ruler.
Player: snake eye
H.L.: He the boss of that tavern. He's alright.
Player: talk
H.L.: About what? I have no time for this, now move along.
H.L.: Didn't I already tell you to go? If you don't have anything important to say, leave me alone.
Player: traps
H.L.: Be careful out there.
Player: tavern
H.L.: You can drink and eat there. Everything you want in a tavern.
Player: woods
H.L.: These woods are a good place to hide.
Player: bye
H.L.: Bye.

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