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Jack Fate

Transcript of Jack Fate

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Jack Fate

Transcript of Jack Fate

Player: hi / hello
Jack Fate: Welcome on board, Sir Player. Where may I sail you today?
Player: ab'dendriel / krailos / gray beach / carlin / issavi / kazordoon / farmine / zao / roshamuul / oramond / rathleton / liberty bay
Jack Fate: Sorry, but I do not sail there.
Player: ankrahmun / venore / edron / darashia / port hope / thais / yalahar
Jack Fate: Do you seek a passage to 'city name' for 'xxx' gold?
Player: darama
Jack Fate: Darama is a continent, not a city! I could transport you to Darashia, Ankrahmun or Port Hope on Darama though.
Player: good
Jack Fate: We can transport everything you want.
Player: goroma
Jack Fate: Ugh. You really want to go back to Goroma? I'll surely have to repair my ship afterwards, so I have to charge 500 gold pieces. Okay?
Player: ice / senja / folda / vega / svargrond
Jack Fate: I'm sorry, but we don't serve the routes to the Ice Islands.
Player: job / captain
Jack Fate: I'm the captain of this sailing ship.
Player: name
Jack Fate: My name is Jack Fate from the Royal Tibia Line.
Player: passenger
Jack Fate: We would like to welcome you on board.
Player: sail / trip / passage / town / destination / go
Jack Fate: Where do you want to go? To Edron, Thais, Venore, Darashia, Ankrahmun, Yalahar or Port Hope? Or to Travora - a place between the worlds?
Player: ship / line / company / route / tibia
Jack Fate: The Royal Tibia Line connects all seaside towns of Tibia.
Player: storm
Jack Fate: The trip to Thais is very dangerous due to tropical storms which often rage near the Forbidden Islands.
Player: travora
Jack Fate: Travora is the place for the character world transfer, so if you travel there make sure you actually do want to change worlds. Do you want to purchase a new daily ticket for 1000 gold?
Player: bye / farewell
Jack Fate: Good bye. Recommend us if you were satisfied with our service.
Player: goroma
Jack Fate: This is where we are... the volcano island Goroma. There are many rumours about this place.
Player: job / captain
Jack Fate: I'm the captain of this - well, wreck. Argh.
Player: passage / sail
Jack Fate: Do you want to travel back to Liberty Bay?
Player: rumour
Jack Fate: Well... I really don't want to scare you while we are here.
Player: bye / farewell
Jack Fate: See you later.

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