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Transcript of Jerom

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Transcript of Jerom

Player: hi / hello
Jerom: Hello. Sorry, but I'm not in the best mood today.
Player: ankrahmun
Jerom: The only animal to catch there is the cobra and most people don't like to keep one as a pet.
Player: bat / bug / lion / wolf / deer / rotworm / slime / squirrel
Jerom: Who wants such an animal as a pet?!?!
Player: carlin
Jerom: Those amazons denied making business with me. You know the reason?!? I tell you, the reason was that I am MALE! Ridiculous!
Player: cat
Jerom: For sure, I would have offered cats!
Player: Daniel / Steelsoul
Jerom: He gave me the permission to open up a pet shop here. I paid him almost everything I got!
Player: dog
Jerom: I made contact with Svargrond! A guy named Buddel wanted to sell me a three-headed dog. I haven't seen it yet, but imagine how much money I could make by breeding such a pet!!
Player: Edron
Jerom: I like it here, at least the town. I was warned that there are nasty creatures outside the town walls but I didn't expect anything to happen so close to town!
Player: farm / pet / country
Jerom: I was always good with animals. My parents had a farm, the McRonalds farm. Maybe you know it. Anyway, I had the idea that people may like to have animals as companions and so one led to another.
Player: frog
Jerom: I'd go mad listening to this 'ribbit' the whole time. But each to his own!
Player: job / mood / work
Jerom: I'm new here in Edron. I wanted to open up a pet shop. But now I'm ruined, uahahahaha .
Player: king / tibianus
Jerom: I need to write a letter to the king. I'm not sure if those 2 million gold coins that Daniel Steelsoul demanded from me weren't too much.
Player: liberty bay
Jerom: I'm there from time to time, catching frogs. People like their bright colours.
Player: mission / quest
Jerom: Thank you sooo much . You'll be the first to get a pet from me. Maybe a cobra or a spider. I'll come up with something nice, I promise.
Player: name
Jerom: My name is Jerom but no need to remember my name. All my belongings are destroyed and stolen. I'll be gone soon!
Player: parrot
Jerom: Raymond Striker offered me a contract to export parrots from Meriana but I won't need them anymore now that I'm ruined.
Player: port hope
Jerom: Not a very good spot to catch animals. At least no animals that pass off as pets.
Player: races
Jerom: Yesterday I would have said that I like all creatures of Tibia but TODAY my life has changed! When I catch this stinking troll!!
Player: rat
Jerom: True, why not keep a rat as a pet! They can eat your trash, live inside your walls and you don't have to worry if one dies ! Could be a huge success....if I weren't ruined!!!!
Player: revenge
Jerom: That would be a mission for a hero.
Player: ship
Jerom: Well, I don't see any other way than going back to my home country now.
Player: snake
Jerom: Good idea! Easy to catch and once the owner has been bitten, he can't sue me anymore, hehehe!!.... but wait....I forgot....I'm ruined, uahahahaha .
Player: spider
Jerom: Good idea! Easy to catch and once the owner has been bitten, he can't sue me anymore, hehehe!!.... but wait....I forgot....I'm ruined, uahahahaha .
Player: thais
Jerom: I never make profit in Thais and most of the time I get robbed. I stopped visiting Thais for business some years ago.
Player: trade / merchant
Jerom: I don't have anything to earn a living with, everything is destroyed! Otherwise I could offer you pets.
Player: troll / rock
Jerom: I saw a troll rummaging in the remains of my house last night! I'm sure this creature is behind that! But I am too weak to take revenge.
Player: what / happen / house / accident
Jerom: I've been to town and on my way back I heard a deafening sound. Then I saw that the sound came from a huge rock smashing my house.
Player: bye / farewell
Jerom: Bye.

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