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Transcript of John

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Transcript of John

Player: hi / hello
John: Welcome, welcome to Treasure Island, Player! Come, look and buy your souvenirs here!
Player: offer / buy / goods / sell / equipment / stuff / ware
John: I offer fishing rods, worms, shovels, picks, bags, ropes, backpacks, torches and even treasure maps! Ask me for a trade.
Player: job
John: I sell exquisite equipment for treasure hunters, as well as a few treasures I found here myself.
Player: name
John: I am John Copper, pleased to trade with you.
Player: treasure
John: Oh, now we're talking. If you want to find a treasure, you really need one of my highly accurate treasure maps.
Player: treasure map
John: Hey, hey, don't blame me for you not finding a treasure. If you can't read my map correctly, it's not my problem.
Player: watch
John: Hey, hey, don't blame me if you don't know how to handle a noble watch carefully.
Player: trade
John: Of course, just browse through my wares.
Player: bye / farewell
John: Good luck finding a treasure!

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