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Transcript of Karith

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Transcript of Karith

Player: hi / hello
Karith: Hello! Tell me what's on your mind. Time is money.
Player: ab'dendriel
Karith: I must admit this bug milk is something special. The rich Yalahari might be quite fond of it. Do you want a passage to Ab'Dendriel for 150 gold?
Player: ankrahmun
Karith: The Yalahari seem to be obsessed with conserving their dead, so I guess the embalming fluid will be a great success in Yalahar. Do you want a passage to Ankrahmun for 220 gold?
Player: carlin
Karith: The evergreen flower pots are an amusing item that might find some customers here. Do you want a passage to Carlin for 175 gold?
Player: darashia
Karith: Of course it is merely superstition that the darashian sand wasp honey brings back youth and vitality, but as long people pay a decent price, I couldn't care less. Do you want a passage to Darashia for 200 gold?
Player: thais
Karith: Astonishing enough the royal satin seems to suit the exquisite taste of the Yalahari. Do you want a passage to Thais for 190 gold?
Player: liberty bay
Karith: The rum of this city seems .. adequate for the taste of some inhabitants. Do you want a passage to Liberty Bay for 265 gold?
Player: venore
Karith: The swamp spice will turn out very lucrative considering that it helps to make even the most disgusting dish taste good. Do you want a passage to Venore for 175 gold?
Player: port hope
Karith: Ivory is highly prized by the artisans of the Yalahari. Do you want a passage to Port Hope for 250 gold?
Player: travora
Karith: Travora is the place for the character world transfer, so if you travel there make sure you actually do want to change worlds. Do you want to purchase a new daily ticket for 1000 gold?
Player: svargrond
Karith: I deny going there. It is way too cold there.
Player: kazordoon
Karith: Even if they had a harbour, I can do without the company of dwarfs.
Player: edron
Karith: This city is of no interest to us.
Player: krailos
Karith: That's a faraway grassland, inhabited by savage ogres, as the word is. I won't sail there.
Player: issavi
Karith: A beautiful city in a strange but fascinating land. I don't sail there, though.
Player: darama
Karith: Darama is a continent, not a city! I guess that is what happens when someone has never seen a school from the inside.
Player: ship / sail / trip / destination / passage / go / town
Karith: For the sake of profit, we established ship routes to Ab'Dendriel, Darashia, Venore, Ankrahmun, Port Hope, Thais, Liberty Bay and Carlin. I can also sail you to Travora, if you want.
Player: mind / job
Karith: I'm the captain of this ship. Now and then a Yalahari wants to make a trip around the isle. ...
Karith: It's a special privilege, although a rare one.
Player: name
Karith: I'm Karith. I don't belong to a caste any longer, and only serve the Yalahari.
Player: how are you
Karith: I guess as soon as you are leaving, I'll be fine.
Player: excalibug
Karith: I'm sure the Yalahari possess more powerful weapons than that.
Player: yalahar
Karith: The city was a marvel to behold. It is certain that its ruin was caused by too many foreigners.
Player: vampire
Karith: I leave them in peace, they leave me in peace. Whatever.
Player: blood crystal
Karith: I'm not interested in stuff like that.
Player: monster
Karith: The power of the Yalahari will ward off all monsters.
Player: ferumbras
Karith: I bet his power is nothing compared to the awesome might of the Yalahari.
Player: yalahari
Karith: The Yalahari are wiser and more powerful than you could ever imagine. You won't be able to understand the extent of their power. It's a pity there are only so few left.
Player: elf
Karith: I've got no contact to other elves, my family came here a generation ago.
Player: dwarf
Karith: Luckily, those little diggers are a rare sight here.
Player: god / banor / uman / zathroth
Karith: Gods are useless at best and a danger at worst.
Player: rumor / rumour / news
Karith: I'm too busy to bother about rumours.
Player: mission / task / quest
Karith: I doubt that you can do anything that would be useful for me!
Player: bye
Karith: Good bye.

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