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Transcript of Karl

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Transcript of Karl

Player: hi / hello
Karl: Pshhhht! Not that loud ... but welcome.
Player: army / women
Karl: Their army is the tool of opression. Hunting down every alcohol smuggler they can get.
Player: beer
Karl: Psst. Let's trade.
Player: hard stuff
Karl: Todd took all the money we could gather to buy us the best stuff on the whole continent.
Player: headquarters
Karl: Well it's more a hidden tavern, so to say.
Player: hugo
Karl: I think Todd mentioned a Hugo once.
Player: job / saloon / welcome
Karl: I am the responsible for our ... uhm ... resistance.
Player: karl
Karl: Who told you that???
Player: king / thais
Karl: I'm sure if the king learns about our tragedy, he will support us with alcohol.
Player: laws / needs / opression / alcohol
Karl: Those crazy women forbid us alcohol in the city! Imagine that!
Player: name
Karl: I won't tell you my name.
Player: news / rumors
Karl: Some travelers from Edron told about a great treasure guarded by cruel demons in the dungeons there.
Player: queen / eloise
Karl: Well, shes not that bad ... but some of her laws are.
Player: resistance
Karl: We fight the opression of the males and male needs by the women. This is our secret headquarters.
Player: smuggler
Karl: We collected money and hired one of the best smuggler in the whole land. His name is Todd.
Player: special
Karl: Carlin is known for its evergreen plants which the local druids have grown.
Player: stuff / offer / ware / drink / goods / buy / sell / equipment
Karl: I can offer you beer for a trade. For wine and really hard stuff we have to wait for Todd.
Player: tavern
Karl: Our offers are limited but here a man can buy what a man needs.
Player: Tim
Karl: Ah, Tim was such a ladies' man in his youth. He has broken many hearts and the women fainted on account of his kisses. Today they faint on account of his breath.
Player: Todd
Karl: A true fighter for malehood. He will bring us all the hard stuff from Thais and even contact the king there to support us.
Player: trade
Karl: Here, but psssst!
Player: bye / farewell
Karl: Please come back, but don't tell others.

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