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Transcript of Kevin

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Transcript of Kevin

Player: hi
Kevin: Greetings Player, what brings you to the headquarter of the postmaster's guild?
Player: headquarter / job
Kevin: I am the head of the Tibian Postmaster's Guild.
Player: Guild / postmaster
Kevin: We are a powerful organisation that is a vital part of Tibian society. It's an honour and a privilege to be a member.
Player: member
Kevin: You are already a member, Haishen.
Player: name
Kevin: My name is Kevin. Kevin Postner, that is.
Player: wally
Kevin: Wally is my right hand, so to say. He is the head to our guild's office branch.
Player: branch
Kevin: Well, there's the depot branch, the office brance, the delivery branch and some officers for special operations.
Player: mission
Kevin: You have mastered all our current missions. There's nothing left to be done ... for now.
Player: special operations
Kevin: We have a secret branch, called 'the stamps of the gods'. They secretly supervise our members' reliability and have an eye on certain groups of interest that want to gain influence over our guild.
Player: academy
Kevin: Ah, yes! One day I will found a post officers academy. Perhaps with the help of our most able members. But thats a task for another day.
Player: advancement
Kevin: Sorry, but you are not yet ready for advancement.
Player: first dragon
Kevin: If you'd ask me - what you just did - it's only a myth.
Player: farewell / bye
Kevin: Good bye.

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