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Transcript of Lora

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Transcript of Lora

Player: Excalibug
Lora: Just relax and have fun. Your treasure hunt continues soon enough.
Player: Gods
Lora: They are the hands that weave our fate, but don't forget about your own power and influence.
Player: Worlds
Lora: We live in a world that is changing and growing. This is a wonderful thing. It has been such a fascinating time we have shared.
Player: Time
Lora: Time moves on and now the time has come again to celebrate and to look back and to remember.
Player: Celebrate
Lora: Good times, come on! It's a celebration! Just look around and have fun! Talk about it. Tell people about your experiences and memories. Take some time to listen to their stories. ...
Lora: Don't be a wallflower! Join in! It is you who we are celebrating here.
Player: Stories
Lora: In the end the whole world is nothing but a blank canvas, waiting to be filled with your experiences, your stories of friendship and hardship, of drama and love.
Player: Experiences
Lora: In the end your experiences are part of our story - the story of a journey, of growth, of maturity. We all have created this together. Without each other none of this would exist. ...
Lora: Thank you for listening! Thank you for forging friendships! Thank you for going on adventures! Thank you for exploring! Thank you for being a part of it! It is truly you who is truly celebrated here and now. Thank you! Thank you for everything!
Player: Ferumbras
Lora: He's not invited.
Player: Bonelord
Lora: Whether a bonelord has something interesting to say or not lies in the eye of the beholder.
Player: Tibia
Lora: A world filled with wonders and adventures! All of this is waiting to be explored - by you!
Player: Party
Lora: Have fun and tell your friends about it!
Player: Past
Lora: It is in the nature of things to start out small and shaky just like a toddler taking its first steps. The world is continuously growing and changing. Hopefully for the better. ...
Lora: And just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to grow a world. The past laid the foundation for a plethora of ideas and concepts, which have combined in unique ways to become what we know today.
Player: Today
Lora: It has been a long journey but what a ride it has been! Imagination led to adventure. Friends were made and lost, people fell in love and got married. Everything because of this little idea. ...
Lora: A vision has changed the world - at least a little bit. For some of us more than for others.
Player: Special
Lora: Some of you have been witnesses to the evolution of this world, others have only recently begun their journey with us and still have so much to learn about the past.
Player: Years
Lora: From humble beginnings something special has been forged in the fire of the hardships of time to metamorphose into something that is so beautiful for so many.
Player: beginning
Lora: In the beginning there was only an idea, a vision. Back then no one could foresee how things would evolve. The past has shown that the world can change the course of the people and the people can change the course of the world. ...
Lora: Fates have crossed and parted. None of these encounters were insignificant. Even small pebbles make large waves, especially so, when one life impacts upon another. ...
Lora: This little idea which was born so many, many years ago has influenced so many, many lives throughout the whole world. In return many hands have helped to shape and refine that idea.
Player: Bye
Lora: Farewell and enjoy the festivities.

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