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Transcript of Lothar

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Transcript of Lothar

Player: hi / hello
Lothar: Welcome to my humble hut, Player. What brings you here?
Player: job / here
Lothar: Some call me animal whisperer. Others say I'm just crazy. I refer to myself as a simple stable keeper.
Player: barrel
Lothar: In some parts of this world, creatures are using barrels to roll down hills and even mountains to entertain themselves. One can probably do the same, given the right tools and opportunity.
Player: name
Lothar: It's on the door.
Player: animal
Lothar: I love all animals, whether small or big. I also believe each one, even the wildest and most ferocious being, can be talked to, understood and tamed.
Player: tame
Lothar: Well, usually you can tame animals with the help of a few simple items. If you've found such an item, show it to me and I might be able to help you with instructions on the taming process.
Player: stable
Lothar: It's my dream to shelter many different tamed animals. Maybe one day that dream will come true.
Player: stampor
Lothar: The stampor in the back? She's my friend, but she came to me out of her own free will. I must admit I've never managed to tame any other stampor. ...
Lothar: I heard that there's some sort of voodoo magic which would allow you to summon a stampor, but I'm not a voodoo expert, so I wouldn't know.
Player: arkarra / glooth
Lothar: In some parts of this world, ambitious and industrious people have built advanced contraptions far beyond our own imagination. Sorry but there isn't much I can tell you about such.
Player: item
Lothar: Well? Which item have you found and require advice for?
Player: Bag of Apple Slices
Lothar: That's among the favourite foods of donkeys, as far as I know. It's a shame I haven't really seen any donkey around. It could require a magic trick to actually get to meet one.
Player: Bamboo Leaves
Lothar: Pandas love to eat bamboo leaves, but the Tiquandan pandas are actually not that skilled at climbing, so they have a hard time getting some for themselves. You might be able to tame one with them.
Player: Candle Stump
Lothar: At first sight this candle might only illuminate your house. But this light is something special. Moles are, as you probably know, blind. Nevertheless they feel very appealed by this candle stump. That might be the way to tame them.
Player: Carrot on a Stick
Lothar: I heard that terror birds really love carrots. I'd try waving it in front of one of those.
Player: Control Unit
Lothar: That's an interesting one, nothing like I have ever seen myself. What you describe is a device of which I heard that it grants literally 'complete' control over some sort of... artificial thing? ...
Lothar: Well, if you ever happen to come about a stroke of luck and find such a thing - use it on an appropriate mount, it will probably be mechanical, driven by... something.
Player: Decorative Ribbon
Lothar: Ah, what a pretty ribbon. Reminds me of the elusive dragonlings - they're quite elegant and vain. They would probably welcome a decorative element. They're sometimes spotted during volcano eruptions.
Player: Diapason
Lothar: What a neat little elvish gadget. Did you know a diapason works with vibrations to create sound? I actually think this could work on a creature made of crystals.
Player: Fist on a Stick
Lothar: I'm against violence towards any creature. I've heard those barbarians in the desert use it for disobedient dromedaries.
Player: Four-Leaf Clover
Lothar: Oh, what a nice little plant! Did you know it's supposed to bring luck? So is the lady bug. Both of them might actually go well together.
Player: Foxtail
Lothar: I've heard that there once was a gang of manta ray riders who liked to adorn their mantas with a foxtail. Don't ask me why, maybe they like how it floats in the wind when running really fast?
Player: Giant Shrimp
Lothar: Oh, that's one of the favourite foods of a crustacea gigantica. I think you can just distract it with the food and quickly jump on its back.
Player: Glow Wine
Lothar: Have you ever encountered a magma crawler? They only eat and drink really hot things. You could probably try and make one drink some glow wine - and quickly mount it as long as it's drunk.
Player: Golden Can of Oil
Lothar: Hm. What an interesting find. This is definitely not used for any sort of animal. Maybe a vehicle? I can imagine it could be used for a bike of some sorts.
Player: Golden Fir Cone
Lothar: Did you know that you can also create those by yourself? Trade a gold ingot with the sweaty cyclops in Ab'Dendriel for a cup of molten gold. If you use that on a fir tree, you have a small chance to get a golden fir cone. ...
Lothar: Those are needed to impress the white deers that roam around Ab'Dendriel sometimes, but I'd wait until you are able to enrage one to make sure it has the necessary strength to carry you.
Player: Golem Wrench
Lothar: What a strange device! This looks like a tool for someone who creates golems and modifies living creatures. You could probably tame a modded creature with it, but I doubt they live in the wild.
Player: Harness
Lothar: That looks like it might fit a draptor. If you can ever get close enough to one to catch it, I'd simply try putting it on while whispering calming words.
Player: Hunting Horn
Lothar: The sound of a hunting horn is often intimidating to forest creatures, but I heard that wild boars actually like it.
Player: Iron Loadstone
Lothar: Ironblights consist mainly of stone and iron. With a strong magnet like that you can basically force it to walk in the direction you're wanting it to.
Player: Leather Whip
Lothar: Try catching a midnight panther using that one. Don't hit the panther, mind you. Just let the whip crack in the air - I think that will work.
Player: Leech
Lothar: As far as I know, leeches can be found in terrestrial, swampy areas. Leeches often help large animals such as water buffaloes to get rid of parasites.
Player: Library Ticket
Lothar: Oh, it looks quite old. The scribbled notes are barely readable. But I have the impression that you could borrow a very special book with this ticket.
Player: Maxilla Maximus
Lothar: You should show that giant jaw to a creature looking like the one you got it from. It will respect you when it sees those scary teeth.
Player: Melting Horn
Lothar: It is said that ferocious creatures once thrived on lush islands in the far northern sea. They died aeons ago when times of great cold came and formed the icy wastes of Svargrond as we know them today. ...
Lothar: Travellers from the north have told stories of these creatures, watching them from within the ice in the deepest caves, still vigilant as if frozen in time. 'Ursagrodon' they called them. ...
Lothar: With tinder and some kind of fireproof vessel, you could create a device to melt the ice surrounding their remains and see for yourself what this is all about.
Player: Music Box
Lothar: Where did you get that? What a rare treat. This must have been crafted by someone who truly loves both music and animals. I can't tell you anything else about it.
Player: Nail Case
Lothar: Oh, a nail case..., I hate paring nails. But I heard gravediggers become trusting when they get the right treatment.
Player: Nightmare Horn
Lothar: How impressive, a nightmare horn. Have you ever encountered a shock head? Try hypnotizing them with your horn.
Player: Percht Skull
Lothar: There are creatures of darkness and cold, living on a remote island and fighting against light and warmth. It is said that they can be subdued and forced to do the bidding of others.
Player: Red Silk Flower
Lothar: I heard stories about those artificial flowers. The werelions of the Darama Desert create them and they come in different colours. Each colour has a different meaning. ...
Lothar: White silk flowers are used as love pledges, for example. But red ones are decorations for bravery and valour. ...
Lothar: If you offer one respectfully to a white lion, such a kingly animal might accompany you willingly.
Player: Reins
Lothar: You could probably ride a black sheep with these. Talk to it gently and carefully put on the reins.
Player: Scorpion Sceptre
Lothar: Wow, that's a rarity. Have you ever met one of those large sandstone scorpions? They're quite impressive. You need such a sceptre to show to one that you're its new master.
Player: Slingshot
Lothar: That might be the only way to tame a bear. It has a sensitive spot right between the ears which will calm it down, but you're not strong enough for simple acupressure. Using the slingshot is likely to help you with that.
Player: Slug Drug
Lothar: As the name indicates - this can be used to make a slug much faster than it normally is! Once you've tamed it, it will race you wherever you want to go.
Player: Spectral Scrap of Cloth
Lothar: This piece of cloth will enable you to gather ghostly residue, that will be shaped by your willpower to create a rideable haze.
Player: Sugar Oat
Lothar: Create sugar oat by just mixing a bunch of sugar cane with a bunch of wheat. All horses love sugar oat! Sometimes when the horses from the horse station in Thais are on the loose, wild horses mix with the herd. Maybe they can be tamed?
Player: Sweet Smelling Bait
Lothar: The interesting part about that bait isn't the sweet stuff - it's the flies attracted to the sweet smell. Spiders love to eat flies, especially the Zaoan ones.
Player: The Lion's Heart
Lothar: Oh, what a beautiful amulet. Really very artful and elaborate! It would be a fitting adornment even for a creature as majestic as a noble lion. If you offer it respectfully such a kingly animal might accompany you.
Player: The Regalia of Suon
Lothar: The Regalia of Suon! Only a few of them were ever forged, back in the times of the old empire of Kilmaresh. This is a very rare and precious treasure. The Regalia of Suon are a gift that would be worth even a gryphon's favour.
Player: Tin Key
Lothar: Hm! Now that's an interesting one. Where did you get that from? I could imagine it winds something up in a factory, but it's definitely not a normal animal.
Player: bye
Lothar: Take care of yourself.

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