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Transcript of Maryza

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Transcript of Maryza

Player: Hi Maryza
Maryza: Welcome to the Jolly Axeman, Haishen. Have a good time and eat some food!
Player: Food/offer
Maryza: I sell normal and brown bread, meat, ham, cookies, rolls, and cheese made of mushrooms. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a trade.
Player: Trade
Maryza: Sure, have a look at my food. Remember, touching means buying it.
Player: Job
Maryza: I'm the cook of the Jolly Axeman.
Player: Name
Maryza: I'm Maryza Firehand, daughter of Earth from the Molten Rock.
Player: Jimbin
Maryza: I'm so proud of him. When it comes to drinking, only our mighty general beats him.
Player: Book
Maryza: I'm sorry but I sell only one copy to each customer. Otherwise they would have been sold out a long time ago.
Player: Poem
Maryza: I only know some drinking poems, and I can't hear them anymore as they are told every evening by some drunkard.
Player: Army
Maryza: We should rather feed some dragons than these fools.
Player: Bloody Mary
Maryza: YOU &/$#@!
Player: Kiss
Maryza: Once there was a dwarf who was a ladies' man unparalleled in dwarven history. His name was Shearton Softbeard ...
Maryza: Even though he is dead since decades now, no other dwarf was able to beat his kissing skill ever since.
Player: Shearton Softbeard
Maryza: Like many dwarfs, he was a miner. Unfortunately he died in a mining accident. The mines' foreman should be able to tell you more about him.
Player: Carlin
Maryza: Don't like it, has an elfish touch, ye know?
Player: Thais
Maryza: Puny town for puny guys.
Player: Excalibug
Maryza: I'd slice a dragon or two and make steaks for everybody if I got my hands on it.
Player: General
Maryza: A fine drinker and strategist. Wastes his skill with these fools of the army. What a shame!
Player: King
Maryza: Don't like these upper cave guys.
Player: Rumours
Maryza: The boys of the Savage Axe at the bridge are running wild these days.
Player: Time
Maryza: Too busy, ask my husband.
Player: Ferumbras
Maryza: Heard that's what the humans call one of their bogeymen.
Player: Tark
Maryza: He loved my dragon steaks. Heard he died by a cave in while fighting dragons in the Plains of Havoc.
Player: Farewell
Maryza: Yeah, farewell.
Player: Bye
Maryza: Yeah, bye.

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