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Transcript of Melfar

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Transcript of Melfar

Player: hi / hello / hiho
Melfar: Just great, another disturbance. Just what I need.
Player: minotaur
Melfar: Those good-for-nothing horned monkeys have no better idea than to assault our workers and ruin our mining efforts. Each dead one is a step forward.
Player: beaver
Melfar: What do you mean, you haven't seen any?? They're hard to overlook, big and furry. Something must be wrong with your eyes.
Player: rodeo
Melfar: Well, if you can find a giant beaver that's enormous enough for you to jump on, fat human, you're welcome to compete with us.
Player: bait
Melfar: Ah, speak no more! I know you want to participate in the beaver rodeo this year! Well, I have some more bait to sell, just ask me for a trade.
Player: mine
Melfar: We mine ore and crystals in the mines around here. On a good day, we even find gold. Now, don't get that greedy look! Stay out of there!
Player: disturbance / job
Melfar: I'm the master of supplies for the imperial mining guild. And as such, as you might have guessed, I am a very busy dwarf, so speak up and speak quickly.
Player: supplies
Melfar: Well, supplies like tools, food or wood.
Player: wood
Melfar: Unless you're on a mission, I don't know why I should help you acquiring wood. Or what are you suggesting??
Player: dwarf / dwarv
Melfar: Yep! That's us. You're a smart one.
Player: elf / elv
Melfar: Pah! Speak no more of them treehuggers.
Player: name
Melfar: I'm Melfar Rockdriller, master of supplies.
Player: trade
Melfar: I don't think I have anything you could need. But if you've slain some of them nasty minotaurs - we could definitely use some of their old stuff, especially their horns.
Player: bye
Melfar: Good bye.

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