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Transcript of Melian

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Transcript of Melian

Player: hi
Melian: Greetings, traveller Haishen. Where do you want me to fly you?
Player: lizard
Melian: There are many of them to the north and south of this continent. I had thought they only existed on Tiquanda, but I was mistaken.
Player: zao
Melian: What a strange and bizarre continent. I'm glad my landing place is far away from all the mess I've seen from above.
Player: fly / service / job
Melian: I'm a carpet pilot. I can fly you to the Femor Hills, to Kazordoon, Svargrond, Edron, Darashia or Issavi.
Player: name
Melian: Melian at your service.
Player: mountain
Melian: These mountains don't look friendly. I prefer not staying long inbetween my carpet trips.
Player: carpet
Melian: Only licensed carpet pilots are allowed to fly those.
Player: orc
Melian: There's so much green stuff down there that I'm not sure whether there are any, but yes, might be, might be.
Player: dwarf / steamboat
Melian: Well, dwarves and their steamboat technology are well and good, but nothing beats flying on a carpet.
Player: farmine
Melian: That's the name of that dwarven base as far as I know. Got a bit of a pessimistic ring to it if you ask me. Sounds to me like they're starving.
Player: passage / tibia / ride / trip / transport
Melian: I can fly you to Darashia on Darama, to Kazordoon, to Svargrond on Hrodmir, to Edron, to the Femor Hills or to Issavi if you like. Where do you want to go?
Player: human
Melian: The only humans I've seen on this continent are those that come up to my carpet.
Player: continent
Melian: What a strange and bizarre continent. I'm glad my landing place is far away from all the mess I've seen from above.
Player: femur
Melian: You are probably talking about the FEMOR hills.
Player: time
Melian: It's 2:55 pm right now. I think I'm five minutes late in my schedule.
Player: bye
Melian: Good bye!

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