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Transcript of Morpel

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Transcript of Morpel

Player: hi / hello
Morpel: Hello! Welcome to my shop!
Player: alchemist quarter
Morpel: As a smith I know better than to underestimate the power of fire, jawoll. It seems the alchemists never learnt this lesson.
Player: arena quarter
Morpel: Now and then, one of the gladiators comes here to by some piece of equipment. Usually they simply use what they loot from slain visitors.
Player: blood crystal
Morpel: No, I don't sell that, sorry.
Player: cookie
Morpel: I'm only allowed to eat during my break.
Player: cyclops
Morpel: Uhm just between you and me. That cyclops with this unpronounceable name is the owner of this store. I just do all the talking and trade ...
Morpel: I get a decent share of the profit though. It seems he is more interested in this smithing stuff than in getting rich.
Player: factory quarter
Morpel: The people in that quarter are desperate enough to attack any strangers. So if you are planning on going there, be well armed and prepared.
Player: foreign quarter
Morpel: I can't say I have the guts to pay this quarter a visit.
Player: job / shop
Morpel: I have an incredible assortment of weapons and armor for sale. Just ask me for a trade.
Player: magician quarter
Morpel: For me magic is just scary.
Player: offer / buy / goods / sell / equipment / stuff / ware / weapon / armor / helmet / legs / trousers / shield
Morpel: My offers are weapons, armors, helmets, legs, and shields. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a trade.
Player: sunken quarter
Morpel: We can only hope that this catastrophe was a one-time occurrence. We dwarfs live long enough to make it likely that I'm around when another part of the city might sink, jawoll.
Player: trade
Morpel: Of course, just browse through my wares.
Player: trade quarter
Morpel: Mr. West often buys weapons and armor for his men. I think that proves the quality of my wares.
Player: yalahar
Morpel: I guess for a city that does not consist of caves, it's ok.
Player: yalahari
Morpel: Can't say much about them. It's not like they would interact much with anyone from the outer city.
Player: bye
Morpel: You really should have bought some extra stuff, just in case.

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