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Mr. West

Transcript of Mr. West

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Mr. West

Transcript of Mr. West

Player: hi
Mr. West: Hello. What brings you here?
Player: here / friend / want
Mr. West: I guess you are here on a mission.
Player: yalahar
Mr. West: Yalahar is an oyster. Its treasure is waiting to be excavated by someone with the necessary determination.
Player: azerus
Mr. West: He seems astonishingly determined and focused for a Yalahari. Perhaps he is the first sign of a change of wind blowing in our city. Who knows if it will be for the better.
Player: cookies
Mr. West: Uhm. That cookie smells kinda strange. Don't take it as an offence, but no.
Player: alchemist quarter
Mr. West: I don't care much about what has happened there. All that matters to me is that the quarter is lost and poses a danger.
Player: arena quarter
Mr. West: In fact the arena quarter is still useful for the city. It's a good food source, and I recruit some of my best men from the descendants of the gladiators.
Player: factory quarter
Mr. West: There are still many people living there. Of course, I provide them with some of my services as well.
Player: magician quarter
Mr. West: It's a shame. I'm convinced there are countless treasures hidden in those ruins. However, neither bribe nor threats get my men even close to this quarter.
Player: ab'dendriel
Mr. West: I wouldn't trust a single elf, let alone a whole city of them.
Player: thais
Mr. West: The word is that Thais is a dangerous place which you better do not visit unprepared.
Player: venore
Mr. West: The trade barons know how to run a city, that's for sure. Unfortunately, they are greedier than it is good for them. I'm prepared to deal with their intrusion into my territory.
Player: kazordoon
Mr. West: Those dwarfs know how to fortify a city. Perhaps one day, when I've earned enough money and have grown too old for the trouble in Yalahar, I will retire there.
Player: carlin
Mr. West: The illusion of peace that this city is offering often distracts the attention from the dangers lurking there.
Player: palimuth
Mr. West: He is a typical Yalahar official - always occupied with trying to stop the dam from breaking. After all these years, he still has not given up. That qualifies him either as an idealist or a fool.
Player: bandits
Mr. West: All those royal bloodlines started with some kind of bandit anyhow.
Player: blood crystal
Mr. West: Never heard of it.
Player: crime
Mr. West: The city offers great possibilities as long as order is maintained in some way. ...
Mr. West: It's easy to maintain order by using brute force but I see that as a necessary evil. My little empire developed out of my need for security in these times of turmoil. ...
Mr. West: To establish some security, I had to establish a base of power first. To maintain this power, I had to gain money somehow. ...
Mr. West: At this point I used my power to secure resources and to encourage trade. ...
Mr. West: In fact I do nothing else than the kings. I collect taxes and use them to hire men that ensure the safety of the people.
Player: slum
Mr. West: The people do their best to earn their living. Still, they are desperate. If it were not for me, they'd rob and murder each other.
Player: bye
Mr. West: Good bye.

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