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Transcript of Muhad

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Transcript of Muhad

Player: hi / hello
Muhad: Welcome back, my friend Player. What brings you here?
Player: ankrahmun
Muhad: We will fight that city until we get back what belongs to us.
Player: arena
Muhad: We don't fight ourselves. The young sons have to struggle with a rotworm barehanded to prove their spirit of the desert. In fact nobody will get harmed in that test. If the child is too weak, we interfere - also the worm does never get killed.
Player: arito
Muhad: I don't know how something like this could ever be possible. He met a girl from Ankrahmun and she must have twisted his head. Arito started to tell stories about the Pharaoh and about Ankrahmun. ...
Muhad: In the wink of an eye he left us and was never seen again. I think he feared revenge for leaving us - which partially was not without reason. Now that I talked to my people, he should be safe.
Player: army
Muhad: Our army is small but strong. If anybody wants to harm us, we will stand and fight until we win or the last true son enters Daraman's realm.
Player: buy / offer
Muhad: We have nothing that would be of value for you.
Player: city / carlin / thais
Muhad: I would go crazy living in a cage like that.
Player: darama
Muhad: This is our home - the land of the desert.
Player: darashia
Muhad: We avoid these places you call cities.
Player: excalibug
Muhad: Is that a weapon? We only use scimitars.
Player: ferumbras
Muhad: I am surprised you know about him! There is an old story that is told from generation to generation in order to prepare us for the hardest challenge the true sons have to face. I hope it will never happen.
Player: food
Muhad: The sea is west of here. Go fishing if you are hungry.
Player: job / here
Muhad: I am the leader of the true sons of Daraman.
Player: king
Muhad: If someone claims to be our king, he should come here and tell us personally.
Player: king tibianus
Muhad: Never heard of him.
Player: list
Muhad: Well, it is not like a 'death list' more a list of people we try to convince not to.......er......ahhh, you are right, it is a death list!
Player: mission / quest / casket
Muhad: Trying to get the reward twice, huh? I don't blame you for that but I wouldn't be in charge here if I were tricked that easily.
Player: name
Muhad: My whole name is Muhad ib Lisan al-Gaib. But my people call me simply Muhad.
Player: news
Muhad: Well, YOU are the news. The desert had told us about a foreigner who would come.
Player: pharaoh / arkhothep
Muhad: We follow our own rules. We don't need the Pharaoh to tell us what to do.
Player: rumours
Muhad: There have been many rumours about YOU in the past few days. The sons of the desert were curious about who you are and why you would come here.
Player: temple
Muhad: We don't need a special place to pray. You can see Daraman's work everywhere in the desert. It reminds us to thank him for everything he has done.
Player: tibia
Muhad: We have no interest in other regions. Our land is Darama - the desert.
Player: time
Muhad: Time is of no importance for us.
Player: undead / undeath
Muhad: That is the curse for not following the rules of the desert. No son of the desert has ever come back from the dead.
Player: women / children
Muhad: You have only seen the surface of our realm. The womenfolk and our children are at a safe place. Don't worry about them.
Player: bye
Muhad: Please use the back entrance so you don't get in trouble with my people.
Player: farewell
Muhad: May Daraman be with you on your travels.

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