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Transcript of Omrabas

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Transcript of Omrabas

Player: hi / hello
Omrabas: At last, a visitor! Welcome to my... humble abode.
Player: army
Omrabas: The Tibian king's parthetic soldiers, do you mean? Or are you alluding to...
Player: blood
Omrabas: The sap of life. The juice of the living, the flow of the carnal energies... Oh, to feel it rushing through my veins once again!
Player: blood priest
Omrabas: If you want my opinion, they're just bloated necromancers, really. Upstart, pretentious lot! Highly... specialised in the uses of blood, though, which can be useful at times.
Player: conspired
Omrabas: I know he used my pupils against me, and when I am back in the flesh, he will pay! ...
Omrabas: Never again will I be fooled by other dark brothers. Treacherous lot, all of them...
Player: demon skeleton
Omrabas: Much better servants than simple skeletons. The binding spells are quite complex, though, but the effort is well worth it.
Player: dragonbone
Omrabas: The Dragonbone Cemetery? Not far from here. Old dragons lay there down to die, it is presumed. Or maybe they were slain there. Or died from a mysterious illness. ...
Omrabas: Anyway, lots of dragon bones there. Skulls, horns, ribs... Only place to find dragon tears, strange things, but that subject requires more study.
Player: Drefia
Omrabas: The sunken, undead soul of Darashia. The breathing, beautiful corpse of a once lively city, glowing darkly, unhealthily, gloriously... but I get carried away.
Player: ghost
Omrabas: Many restless souls roam the sunken graveyards of Drefia. ...
Omrabas: Whole families are buried here, so if you're on the search for relatives, just visit the crypts, you might meet them ...
Omrabas: ... though not in the flesh, as it were.
Player: ghoul
Omrabas: Useless, slobbering things. Only on the lookout for food.
Player: gravedigger
Omrabas: Nasty little creatures, aren't they? The result of a failed experiment, but the theory was sound. They can be useful, if you know how to tame them.
Player: grim reaper
Omrabas: Some Grim Reapers haunt a forsaken temple deep under Drefia. Only people with a death wish would venture there!
Player: help
Omrabas: Help me? You? I don't think so. Come back when you are more experienced in the ways of Drefia.
Player: job
Omrabas: I used to be a famous necromancer in my lifetime. However, some... people... conspired against me, and the result you see before you.
Player: king
Omrabas: That king above ground? He's been in charge for quite a while, I understand. No serious rivals, eh? Lucky him.
Player: lich
Omrabas: Simple transformation, but not without use. Good servants. Can be quite clever.
Player: mission
Omrabas: Help me? You? I don't think you are ready for that yet. Come back when you are more experienced in the ways of Drefia.
Player: mummy
Omrabas: Very single-minded. Smelly. Tend to burn easily.
Player: name
Omrabas: Did I not mention it? You have the exceptional honour of meeting the soul of Omrabas the Black. Presently residing inside this skull.
Player: necromancer
Omrabas: Ha. Ungrateful imbecile lot. After all I've done for them in my lifetime... , ...
Player: pharaoh
Omrabas: We always shared a... common interest in undeath.
Player: priestess
Omrabas: Ah, our dark, stern beauties. Skilled with herbs and masterly dancers. Only drawback is, they charge you heavily for their services.
Player: ritual
Omrabas: All in good time.
Player: shadow pupil
Omrabas: PSST! Keep your voice down, will you? Strange things they do, and - well, just be careful mentioning them, and watch your back around them.
Player: skeleton
Omrabas: Besides simple guardings tasks? Hmm. Not very resourceful. And they tend to fall apart.
Player: tibia
Omrabas: These lands are ripe for the taking. Give me an army of undead, and...
Player: tibianus
Omrabas: He's been in charge for quite a while, I understand. No serious rivals, eh? Lucky him.
Player: undead
Omrabas: Yes, obviously I am one of the numerous undead here. We are in Drefia, after all.
Player: vampire
Omrabas: Parasites. Came here to profit from our experiments and blood reserves. Arrogant lot, too. Keep to themselves, luckily.
Player: zombie
Omrabas: Can be useful. Have an unhealthy appetite, though.
Player: bye / farewell
Omrabas: Are you mocking me? Get lost!

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