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Transcript of Ormuhn

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Transcript of Ormuhn

Player: hi / hello
Ormuhn: Be mourned pilgrim in flesh, Player. Looking for knight spells?
Player: ab'dendriel / elves / elfes
Ormuhn: Elves are nothing but feeble treehuggers.
Player: Akh
Ormuhn: As far as I know this is what you would call your body. Ask a priest for further information.
Player: Akh'rah Uthun
Ormuhn: You should discuss such topics with our priests. I don't care too much for these matters.
Player: ankrahmun
Ormuhn: This is the shelter of the mortal flock who listens to the teachings of our pharaoh.
Player: arena
Ormuhn: If you wish to test your mortal Akh you are at the right place.
Player: ascension
Ormuhn: Ascension is achieved in many steps. The first and most important step is unquestioning loyal service to our pharaoh.
Player: carlin / edron / thais / venore
Ormuhn: These cities are nests of corruption and lies. For those who know the treason of the false gods is almost tangible there.
Player: chosen
Ormuhn: I am one of the chosen. To become like me you have to serve the pharaoh and his temple faithfully.
Player: darama
Ormuhn: This continent will be the first to prosper under the guidance of our pharaoh.
Player: darashia
Ormuhn: The people there are not totally lost to the false gods yet. Who knows? They may be saved yet.
Player: false gods
Ormuhn: These greedy reapers of souls are the true scourge of poor mortals like you. Your living Akh makes you vulnerable for their attacks. Withstand them and you will get a chance to be raised to the exalted state of undeath.
Player: job
Ormuhn: I am the arena master. I supervise all challenges that take place in this arena and train true fighters.
Player: kazordoon / dwarves / dwarfs
Ormuhn: Dwarves are worthy warriors. Still their mortal Akh makes them prey to true death and so their lives are wasted.
Player: mortality
Ormuhn: Your curse of mortality can be lifted if you only prove youself worthy in the eyes of our pharaoh.
Player: mourn
Ormuhn: Living flesh is so ... pathetic.
Player: name
Ormuhn: I am called Ormuhn.
Player: oldpharaoh
Ormuhn: The pharaoh will know why he granted him a chance to ascend.
Player: palace
Ormuhn: The palace is guarded by the elite forces of the chosen.
Player: pharaoh
Ormuhn: The pharaoh, our mighty leader, is an unliving god.
Player: Rah
Ormuhn: That is your so-called soul. Ask a priest for further information.
Player: scarab
Ormuhn: Scarabs might be sacred, but they are also a challenge. If you are able to overcome one of them, its spirit will forgive you. The everlasting sand will grant him rebirth anyway.
Player: spell
Ormuhn: Sorry, I don't teach spells for your vocation.
Player: temple
Ormuhn: The temple takes care of your Uthun. In this arena we challenge your Akh.
Player: tibia
Ormuhn: Tibia is a place kept in the thrall of the greedy false gods. One day though our pharaoh will free Tibia and guide all of its people to ascension.
Player: time
Ormuhn: Time only matters to you while you are mortal. Another instrument in the hands of the false gods to fool us all.
Player: undead / undeath
Ormuhn: We are the chosen ones.
Player: uthun
Ormuhn: All the things you remember form your uthun. Ask a priest for further information.
Player: bye / farewell
Ormuhn: May enlightenment be your path, Player.

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