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Transcript of Pydar

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Transcript of Pydar

NPC: Pydar
Player: hi / hello
Pydar: Be greeted Player! I can smell the scent of a phoenix on you!
Player: gods/keeper/shepherd
Pydar: The ways of the gods are incomprehensible to mortals.
Player: life
Pydar: Life feeds on fire and ultimately fire will feed on life.
Player: army
Pydar: Our strong fortifications allow our armies to defend Kazordoon against any threat.
Player: ashes
Pydar: Whenever you receive a lethal wound, your vital force is damaged and there is a chance that you lose some of your equipment. With every single of the five blessings you have, this damage and chance of loss will be reduced.
Player: pilgrim
Pydar: I'm the head pyromancer of Kazordoon. I guess you are here for healing or looking for a blessing.
Player: ferumbras
Pydar: If he ever dares to enter Kazordoon, I will gladly dump him into the lava. The sacred flame shall bring justice upon him.
Player: nezil/bezil/equipment
Pydar: Bezil and Nezil are buying and selling equipment of all kinds.
Player: big old one
Pydar: This mountain is said to be the oldest in the world. It's the place where fire and earth meet and part at the same time.
Player: gold/money
Pydar: Gold has been given birth to by the great flame. So it's wise to give some back to the fire now and then.
Player: blessing
Pydar: There are five different blessings available in five sacred places. These blessings are: the spiritual shielding, the spark of the phoenix, the embrace of Tibia, the fire of the suns and the wisdom of solitude. ...
Pydar: There are also two enhanced blessings for further reduction of experience loss.
Player: fire/flame
Pydar: Unlike the gods, the elements don't use mortals as toys. A skilled mind can understand and even control them to some extent.
Player: citizen
Pydar: Many brave people are citizens of our town.
Player: duria
Pydar: She is the first knight of Kazordoon. She is responsible for teaching our young warriors how to handle an axe.
Player: durin
Pydar: Though we are through with the so-called gods, Durin, the first dwarf to acquire divine powers, is considered as protector of our race.
Player: elves
Pydar: They don't understand anything about the world.
Player: embrace
Pydar: The druids north of Carlin can provide you with the Embrace of Tibia.
Player: emperor/Kruzak
Pydar: Our emperor has his halls in the upper caves.
Player: enhanced
Pydar: It is said that one enhanced blessing, the 'heart of the mountain', has been lost in the icy wastes of Svargrond. Find a nomad far to the west of these barren lands, hiding in the cold there, slightly above ground. ...
Pydar: It is also said that a mysterious djinn, bound to an existence of slavery, lies buried somewhere beneath the northern Tiquanda jungle. I cannot confirm whether this tale is true but if you find him, you shall also find the 'blood of the mountain'.
Player: excalibug
Pydar: A weapon too powerful to be wielded by mortals. It has to be returned to the fire which gave birth to it.
Player: etzel
Pydar: Etzel is a true master of the elements. He is a role-model for our youngsters, jawoll.
Player: bye/farewell
Pydar: May the fire in your heart never die, Player!
Player: fight
Pydar: You should fight like fire, fearless and without mercy.
Player: fire devil
Pydar: They mock the great flame with their sheer existence. BLAST THEM ALL! Jawoll!
Player: fire of the suns
Pydar: Ask for the Fire of the Suns in the Suntower near Ab'Dendriel.
Player: general/motos
Pydar: He is the fiercest axe fighter of our times and a fine strategist.
Player: geomancer
Pydar: They are followers of the path of earth.
Player: gregor
Pydar: The leader of the Thaian knight guild is a man of few words.
Player: heal
Pydar: You aren't looking that bad. Sorry, I can't help you. But if you are looking for additional protection, you should go on the pilgrimage of ashes.
Player: maryza
Pydar: She and her husband are running the Jolly Axeman tavern.
Player: jimbin
Pydar: He and his wife are running the Jolly Axeman tavern.
Player: help
Pydar: I'm not here to help you. You have to help yourself.
Player: humans
Pydar: They took the place dwarfs used to hold in the world. They don't see that they are destined to fall just like we did.
Player: plant
Pydar: I don't care much about plants.
Player: kazordoon
Pydar: Our city was founded in ancient times. Abandoned by the gods we once fought for, we created a secure haven for our people.
Player: job
Pydar: I'm the head pyromancer of Kazordoon. I guess you are here for healing or looking for a blessing.
Player: tibia
Pydar: That's our world.
Player: kroox
Pydar: He's a smith. If you are looking for exquisite weapons and armor, just talk to him.
Player: poem
Pydar: Who are you to ask about an ancient secret of my kind? I won't tell you the poem.
Player: minotaurs
Pydar: Another pawn the gods do no longer care for, a discarded toy like all of the elder races.
Player: monsters
Pydar: May the great flame devour them all!
Player: quest/task/what do
Pydar: Ask around. There's a lot to do, jawoll.
Player: name
Pydar: My name is Pydar Firefist, Son of Fire from the Savage Axes.
Player: news
Pydar: I'm a busy man. I have no time for chitchat.
Player: orcs
Pydar: The arch enemy. We could have destroyed them long ago, but this would have meant doing the gods that betrayed us a favour.
Player: pyromancer
Pydar: We are the keepers and shepherds of the elemental force of fire.
Player: spiritual shielding
Pydar: You can receive the Spiritual Shielding in the Whiteflower Temple south of Thais.
Player: sacred places
Pydar: Just tell me in which of the five blessings you are interested.
Player: wisdom
Pydar: Talk to the hermit Eremo on the isle of Cormaya about this blessing.
Player: scent
Pydar: The phoenix seems to be fond of you! If you had a real phoenix egg with you, I could bless you with the Spark of the Phoenix for a smaller fee!
Player: time
Pydar: It's the fourth age of the yellow flame.
Player: technomancer
Pydar: Those heretics believe they have discovered a new elemental force they can control easily. These fools, they'll bring doom upon all of us!
Player: Uzgod
Pydar: Uzgod is a weaponsmith just like those in the old legends.

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