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Transcript of Reed

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Transcript of Reed

Player: hi / hello
Reed: Hello. Unless you have official business here or want to pass the gate, please move on.
Player: alchemist quarter
Reed: If you stick your nose into that quarter, you will catch the disease and carry it with you for the rest of your life. I'm sure of that.
Player: arena quarter
Reed: My little son was attacked by a mutated tiger in this quarter. He changed in a horrible way afterwards and I don't want to talk about it.
Player: augur
Reed: I'm actually not allowed to talk about my superiors, but... something is fishy about them, too.
Player: cemetery quarter
Reed: Nothing holy is coming out of this... strange church. At night the living dead come to me and cling to the iron bars. One day they will probably get me.
Player: factory quarter
Reed: Did you see those giant... creatures walking in the factory quarter?? They could kill a human just by squeezing it between their claws! Arr!
Player: fenrock
Reed: One day I went there and broke my arm by slipping on ice.
Player: foreign quarter
Reed: One day there will be a gigantic war between all the races in this quarter and it will devour the city.
Player: island
Reed: The outer islands are called Mistrock, Fenrock and Vengoth.
Player: job / official
Reed: I'm a corporal of the Yalaharian Guard Force.
Player: magician quarter
Reed: Can you imagine how it feels for me to keep guard so close to all those insane mages, cultists and demonic creatures? Can you?! No, of course you can't!
Player: mission
Reed: Mission? I will not go on any mission for you. Or what do you want from me?
Player: mistrock
Reed: I think some sinister and old force is hidden under all that mist.
Player: name
Reed: My name is Reed.
Player: pass / gate
Reed: You want to pass the gate? Are you headed for the cemetery or the magician quarter?
Player: quarter
Reed: I really can't tell which quarter is the worst.
Player: random word
Reed: It's nice talking to you, but honestly, you give me the creeps. So please decide what you want and move on.
Player: sunken quarter
Reed: It's a catastrophe. I used to live there and barely got away with my life when the quarter crashed into the ocean.
Player: trade quarter
Reed: I think Mr. West is planning to take over the whole city, if it hasn't been destroyed by war, contamination, monsters or greater evil by then.
Player: vengoth
Reed: I will never ever go there, and if I were sent there, I'd resign from the Guard Force.
Player: Yalahar
Reed: This city contains so much evil that I fear one day it will explode and end up in chaos and darkness.
Player: bye
Reed: Goodbye citizen!

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