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Transcript of Sebastian

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Transcript of Sebastian

Player: hi / hello
Sebastian: Ho, Player!
Player: Carlin
Sebastian: Carlin is far to the north.
Player: Charlotta
Sebastian: No clue why she stays in Liberty Bay.
Player: Chondur
Sebastian: He lives on the isle, outside of the settlement.
Player: cult
Sebastian: I don't care about cults.
Player: excalibug
Sebastian: I don't care about fairy tales.
Player: Ferumbras
Sebastian: Some dead mage.
Player: governor
Sebastian: Who cares about governors?
Player: Isolde
Sebastian: No idea who that is.
Player: job
Sebastian: I am the captain of this small ship. I transport our rare guests back to one of the isles.
Player: king
Sebastian: We don't need kings.
Player: loveless / theodore
Sebastian: He's the worst.
Player: name
Sebastian: I am Sebastian.
Player: natives
Sebastian: That's what they call us.
Player: pirate
Sebastian: We became pirates, aye.
Player: quara
Sebastian: Evil Fishes.
Player: Striker
Sebastian: A fine boy.
Player: thais
Sebastian: The Thaians came here and oppressed us.
Player: Tristan
Sebastian: A Thaian.
Player: venore
Sebastian: The Venoreans are even worse than the Thaians.
Player: voodoo
Sebastian: It's a kind of magic.
Player: Wyrmslicer
Sebastian: That guy means trouble.
Player: passage / go / transport / destination
Sebastian: Hm, back to Liberty Bay for 50 gold pieces?
Player: liberty bay
Sebastian: Liberty Bay is not what it used to be. Want to go back there for 50 gold pieces?
Player: nargor
Sebastian: Ah, I see. Ready to go to Nargor for 50 gold pieces?
Player: bye / farewell
Sebastian: Bye, Player.
Player: passage / go / transport / destination (on Nargor)
Sebastian: Where to? Liberty Bay or Meriana?
Player: meriana (on Nargor)
Sebastian: Want to go back to Meriana for 50 gold pieces?

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