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Shortsighted Dwarf

Transcript of Shortsighted Dwarf

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Shortsighted Dwarf

Transcript of Shortsighted Dwarf

Player: hi
Shortsighted Dwarf: Hi there, mate. I don't remember seeing your face here before. I guess your battle group has been rounded up by the imperialists and you have been sent here to join our group.
Player: emperor
Shortsighted Dwarf: An incompetent fool like his predecessor . The latter even managed to have his beard stolen while sleeping, and had to resign because of that. ...
Shortsighted Dwarf: It was a member of our fellowship who managed this coup, jawoll! Even then our people were daring and worked for a change. Sadly, this lesson did not sink into the hearts of dwarfenhood as intended. ...
Shortsighted Dwarf: Or else much would have been better. A more enlightened leader and freedom for all would have prevented that stupid mushroom blight and much bloodshed. The emperor is personally responsible for the disasters in his reign. ...
Shortsighted Dwarf: The rise of foreign adventurers, the suppression of the masses, the blight and he forced us first into a rebellion, and then into exile.
Player: imperialists
Shortsighted Dwarf: They are single-minded despots. We just wanted a chance to live a life in wealth and glory, as they did. But they denied us that. ...
Shortsighted Dwarf: They followed ages old rules that never changed, in a society that never changed. We wanted respect and privileges that the elders claimed for themselves. And we wanted it now and not in hundred years or so. ...
Shortsighted Dwarf: We had enough of being bullied around by ignorants, just because their age and station gave them the right to. We nearly succeeded in freeing dwarfenhood and leading them to a new dawn. ...
Shortsighted Dwarf: The only thing that stopped us in the end was treason.
Player: Jarok
Shortsighted Dwarf: A true hero who has become a martyr for our cause and the dream to free dwarfenhood of oppression.
Player: lost
Shortsighted Dwarf: Bah, they are an even greater threat to us than the imperialists. They lack any fear and lust for blood. We usually try to avoid them. ...
Shortsighted Dwarf: Our attempt to lure them into the lines of the imperialists have been not very successful yet, but the fights between our enemies opens up a great deal of new opportunities!
Player: secret weapon
Shortsighted Dwarf: There is one thing that the imperialists have always feared: ...
Shortsighted Dwarf: The basilisk! If we could get the beast to attack Kazordoon or even better, gain control over it, we could destroy the enemy forces once and for all. With the basilisk at our disposal, soon we would rule Kazordoon! ...
Shortsighted Dwarf: In the worst case it would at least wreak havoc amongst our enemies. We can certainly contain it again later on ... somehow. Our best geomancers are working on a plan right now, I tell you. ...
Shortsighted Dwarf: You know those tiny runes that allow some magic users to become the master of a creature? Now imagine, all what it takes to enslave the basilisk is probably some gibber rune and more spellcasters. ...
Shortsighted Dwarf: Soon, our days of dirt and hunger are over and we will rule over Kazordoon as we should!
Player: treason
Shortsighted Dwarf: Someone could not keep his mouth shut and the emperor got word of our plan. What should have been a clean, swift and deadly strike became a disaster. ...
Shortsighted Dwarf: Our elite just ran into a trap and was mercilessly cut down with crossbow bolts without even the chance of a fair fight. We carried the combat to the city though, but too many of the other dwarfs were not ready to be freed from the oppression. ...
Shortsighted Dwarf: They sided with the imperialists and we found ourselves outnumbered one to hundred. When we retreated to the mines, we had evened the numbers out a bit, jawoll! ...
Shortsighted Dwarf: But still the blood toll was too high to continue the fight in the city. So we struck the imperialists where it hurt them most - in their gold coffers! We took some of their precious mines from them! ...
Shortsighted Dwarf: And they are too afraid of us to retake them. Another sign of their weakness and incompetent leadership. They can't handle a situation that is not covered by their strict rules.
Player: bye
Shortsighted Dwarf: Good bye, mate.

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