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Transcript of Tulf

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Transcript of Tulf

Player: hi / hiho / hello
Tulf: Hiho Player! What's up?
Player: bodyguard
Tulf: We keep up law and order here.
Player: dungeon
Tulf: I despise the habit to challenge the prisoners of Dwarcatra or to provoke the boys in the mines.
Player: dwarfs
Tulf: If you go to a dwarven city, do as the dwarfs do.
Player: help / poem
Tulf: Sorry, I'm on duty!
Player: horned fox
Tulf: It's a renegade minotaur who has a hidden lair somewhere near our mines.
Player: lair
Tulf: The lair of the Horned Fox is surely well-guarded and even better hidden.
Player: mines
Tulf: The mines aren't meant for foreigners. The miners there have enough trouble.
Player: monster
Tulf: I doubt anyone can make it through our lines of defence.
Player: name
Tulf: My name is Tulf Beardweaver, son of Earth from the Dragoneaters.
Player: time
Tulf: It's 6:24 pm right now.
Player: trouble
Tulf: The mines are raided again and again by the bandits of the Horned Fox.
Player: up / job / shop
Tulf: I'm the captain of the emperor's personal bodyguards.
Player: bye
Tulf: Yeah, bye Player.

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