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Transcript of Woblin

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Transcript of Woblin

Player: hi / hello
Woblin: Hi there human!
Player: fish
Woblin: Fish good. Fish quiet and tasty. Woblin try to catch Old Nasty, but... hm you could earn yourself reward!
Player: old nasty
Woblin: You bring me Old Nasty?
Player: yes
Woblin: You have not Old Nasty! Odd, you stink just like him though!
Player: old nasty
Woblin: You bring me Old Nasty?
Player: no
Woblin: No waste time of Woblin, foolish human!
Player: key / precious
Woblin: Me not give key! Key my precious now! By old goblin law all that one has in his pockets for two days is family heirloom! Me no part with my precious ... hm unless you provide Woblin with some reward!
Player: goblin
Woblin: No part of clan. Me prefer company of precious. Or mirror image. Always nice to see pretty me!
Player: reward
Woblin: Me good angler but one fish eludes me since many many weeks. I call fish 'Old Nasty'. You might catch him in this cave, in that pond there. Bring me Old Nasty and I'll give you key!
Player: quest
Woblin: What you on quest for? Go leave Woblin alone with precious.
Player: mino
Woblin: Me not like minos either. Huge mean bullies! Woblin peaceful here.
Player: troll
Woblin: Me not like trolls. Big furry stinky trolls!
Player: cyclop
Woblin: Ugly stomping giants, always busy hammering stone.
Player: dwarf
Woblin: Mean short people, make Woblin's clan do slave work for them.
Player: bye
Woblin: Bye, bye!

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