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Transcript of Wyat

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Transcript of Wyat

Player: Hi
Wyat: Salutations, Player! Speak quick, my time is limited.
Player: Time/Sheriff
Wyat: I uphold law and order. I protect Thais inhabitants ... and keep an eye on them.
Player: Inhabitants
Wyat: Be more specific! If you want to talk about someone I'll need a name!
Player: Sam/Weapon/Armor
Wyat: Sam, the Thaian smith, is a man of great diligence. Whenever in need of weapons or armor, just ask him.
Player: Eclesius
Wyat: An old magician that lives south of here. I sometimes see strange smoke coming from his house.
Player: News
Wyat: I have no news for the public.
Player: Elane
Wyat: A woman of great skill and courage. No one deserves the title of a Grandmaster of the Paladins more then her.
Player: Benjamin
Wyat: The poor fool lost his mind some years ago. It's a good thing they gave him a job in the post office.
Player: Bozo
Wyat: He's so funny, I could listen to his jokes for hours.
Player: Gorn
Wyat: He was a rowdy in his youth, but now he's a fine citizen as far as I can tell.
Player: Army/Guard
Wyat: I usually work with the townguards only.
Player: Chester
Wyat: His bureau is at the northgate.
Player: Mission/Quest
Wyat: Look up our 'Tibia's most wanted' lists.
Player: Harsky/Stutch
Wyat: A fine warrior, indeed. He is one of the king's bodyguards.
Player: Problem
Wyat: We will handle each problem with care.
Player: Rebellion
Wyat: Luckily that's nothing I have to care about.
Player: Criminal
Wyat: Our enemies are numerous and not all are obvious.
Player: Castle
Wyat: The castle should be relatively safe from criminal transgressions.
Player: City
Wyat: The city is not as bad as some people might claim, but we certainly have our problems here.
Player: God
Wyat: I am follower of Banor.
Player: Banor
Wyat: He is the patron of justice and bravery.
Player: Zathroth
Wyat: Don't mention this name!
Player: Job
Wyat: I am the sheriff of the Thaian territory.
Player: King/Leader
Player: General
Wyat: Old Bloodblade does a fine job.
Player: Fuck/Ass/Fag/Idiot/Lunatic/Shit/Tyrant
Wyat: Take this!
Player: Ferumbras
Wyat: He attacked our town at several occasions but was repelled each time.
Player: Brog
Wyat: The more primitive races such as orcs often worship the raging one.
Player: Sell
Wyat: I am in the safety business.
Player: Enemy/Murderer
Wyat: Our enemies are numerous and not all are obvious.
Player: Excalibug
Wyat: If you have any news about the whereabouts of that blade, report it to me.
Player: How are you?
Wyat: I am fine, thanks.
Player: Monster
Wyat: Thais should be relatively safe from direct assaults of monsters.
Player: Secret police
Wyat: All i can tell you is, that it's known as the TBI.
Player: Subject
Wyat: There are certain criminal objects in the population of our town.
Player: Tbi
Wyat: The Tibian Bureau of Investigation. If you want to know more, ask Chester Kahs about it, but I doubt you'll get any vital information.
Player: Bye

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