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Transcript of Yawno

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Transcript of Yawno

Player: hi / hello
Yawno: Mmhmn... eh? Ahm, so what is it... *yawn* Ya here for the fish, too? Or are you just here for some... *yawn* news?
Player: job
Yawno: ...hmf ...
Yawno: Hm - what? What? Did I... *yawn* well, what was ya question? Ah job, yes. ...
Yawno: Well... I'm a fisherman. Obviously. Can't ya see? I'm fishin' 'ere! Oh and now please be quiet, quiet *whisper* really quiet... ...
Yawno: ...and maybe MOVE AWAY A LITTLE! THANKS. Ya're SCARING AWAY the... the... fish. *yawn* hmmnmnf...
Player: name
Yawno: The name's Yawno, providing the finest... fish in the whole... world... *yawn* of Tibia.
Player: fish
Yawno: Well, just between the two of us - the lake is still crystal clear right now. Ya know, it's TOO CLEAN. That ain't attract no shimmer swimmer, it doesn't. ...
Yawno: The lake needs to be dirtier, filthier, murkier yupp. An' I bet ya don't know the secret, eh? How to get it real dirty? Corpses. Loads of corpses. Piles of 'em. Throw 'em into the water, eh. You'll see.
Player: lake / Equivocolao
Yawno: This lake is the only place shimmer swimmers can be caught. However, if the lake is too clean, they will not settle. My guess... *yawn* is that this lake has underground connections to... to... caves... *yawn*
Player: shimmer / swimmer
Yawno: It is the rarest of all fish! Hard to come by but worth every second... *yawn*... of time, ya invest. You only get a chance to catch him in extremely dirty water. ...
Yawno: And Lake Equivocolao is really the only place where it can be found. I am sure my old buddy Pemaret in Cormaya knows a thing or two about that bugger, too.
Player: corpse
Yawno: Throwing corpses into the water is the fastest way to make it dirty and murky - just perfect to attract shimmer swimmers. It doesn't even matter what kind of corpse, heh.
Player: news
Yawno: A... aaah... *yawn* maybe a shimmer swimmer will... appear... if... enough... *yawn*
Player: bye
Yawno: Yeah, yeah... bye, erm... *yawn*

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