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Transcript of Zalamon

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Transcript of Zalamon

Player: hi / hello
Zalamon: Not many travellerzz zzezze dayzz. I hope you bring good newzz.
Player: barbaric / barbarian
Zalamon: Orczz, minotaurzz and humanzz alike. Wizz zzeir limited brainzz and meazzurezz, zzey cannot even hope to achieve a zzivilizzation like we onzze had.
Player: Chaochai
Zalamon: Chaochai izz a lizzard village in zze heart of zze plainzz. It uzzed to be a great zzourzze for potionzz, medizzine and rare ingredientzz.
Player: corrupt
Zalamon: Zze emperor of zze dragonzz hazz tranzzformed himzzelf into an undead creature to lazzt for all eternity, to cheat deazz. Hizz corruption flowzz to zzozze he bound, and from zzem to zzozze zzey bound, and from zzem into zze land.
Player: dragon
Zalamon: Zzey came at a time of dread and need. Our power wazz waning becauzze too many had become laxzz in zzeir worship of zze Great Zznake. Zzey were too well fed and lived in lavish luxzzury. ...
Zalamon: Our zzoldierzz had become fat and lazzy. All our enemiezz zztarted to raid our zzitiezz. Zzey were many and our army wazz zzpread zzinly. I zzaw it azz a punishment by zze Great Zznake but zzey didn't lizzten. ...
Zalamon: Zzey reacted too zzlowly and when zzey tried to rally zze army zzo many were dead, zzo many were lozzt. Inzztead of fighting, zzey hid in zze zzitiezz where zze hordezz could take zzem out one by one. ...
Zalamon: Zzen zze dragonzz came. Zzey offered help and my people foolishly zzaw zzem azz mezzengerzz of zze Great Zznake and zzo zzey acczzepted. Zzoon zze dragonzz began to bozz zzem around, taking zze power into zzeir clawzz. ...
Zalamon: Zzey led zzem to victory but at zze prizze of zzeir freedom. I'd zzeen zzem azz zze falzze mezzengerzz zzey were. I gazzered my people but zzey crushed our rezzizztanzze. ...
Zalamon: Zzzey bound my people to zzem wizz a mighty zzpell preventing zzat zzey would ever rebel again. Zzen zzey fought againzzt each ozzer but zze mightiezzt of zzem bound zzem all like zzey had bound my people before. ...
Zalamon: Zzere wazz no hope for zzozze of uzz who had ezzcaped zze binding. We were too few, our numberzz dwindling. Now I'm zze only one left and zze poizzon of zze dragon kingzz izz corrupting zze land.
Player: dragon king / dragon kingzz / king
Zalamon: Zze dragon kingzz rule in zze name of zze dragon emperor. Zzey rule zze zzitiezz, zzey lead zze armiezz. Vile and zzelfish azz zzey are, zzey alwayzz try to challenge zze pecking order. ...
Zalamon: Zzey try to come into zze favour of zze emperor and to dizzcredit zzeir brezzren in hizz eyezz.
Player: dwarf
Zalamon: I've never zzeen zzem. I only heard of zzeir exzzizztenzze.
Player: emperor / dragon emperor
Zalamon: He wazz zze oldezzt, zze mightiezzt of zze dragonzz zzat fled zze dezztruction of zzeir izzle, an izzle where zzey ruled like godzz. He taught zze lezzer dragonzz zze zzpell of binding, only to bind zzem zzemzzelvezz later on. ...
Zalamon: To enzzure hizz rule would endure zzrough all eternity, he became an undead lich. A mockery of zze life zzat zze Great Zznake zztandzz for. Now he rulezz zze land wizz an iron claw, everyone living in zze realm izz hizz bound zzlave. ...
Zalamon: I'm gazzering every zzingle zzoul I can find which hazz not yet been corrupted to help building an effective rezzizztanzze.
Player: food
Zalamon: Rizze wazz zze main food zzourzze for hizz army. By fulfilling your tazzk, we have weakened hizz forzzezz conzziderably.
Player: gate / wall
Zalamon: Zzizz huge gate izz located far norzz of zze plainzz. It wazz never breached and functioned azz a border to zze paradizzal landzz beyond. It kept away any menazze from zze zzouzz and wazz a bazztion of defenzze for zze high born of zze norzz.
Player: human
Zalamon: You're like zzem and yet different. Zzey are little better zzan beazztzz. Fit for nozzing zzan to be hunted for zzport. ...
Zalamon: Even azz our realm wazz at itzz weakezzt, zzey were merely an annoyanzze. Zzeeing you zzough I wonder what kind of a zzreat zzey could have become.
Player: join
Zalamon: I don't know what it izz you're talking about.
Player: keeper
Zalamon: Before zze corruption came and changed zze land it wazz a fertile paradizze. Itzz heart wazz a well cared for garden. ...
Zalamon: An ancient order of magic keeperzz overzzaw it from generation to generation. It wazz alzzo zze home of zze mozzt magnifizzent and beautiful plantzz and flowerzz you can imagine. ...
Zalamon: People juzzt zztood zzere and watched zze breazztaking zzight in awe. When zze land got corrupted by zze influenzze of zze dragonzz, zze garden rezzizzted for a while. ...
Zalamon: Itzz keeper did zze bezzt he could to keep zze corruption away. But zlowly it crept into zze garden, zztep by zztep. Zze flowerzz wizzered or worzze zzey changed into - zzomezzing elzze. ...
Zalamon: Unable to zzave zze work of hizz anzzezztorzz from zze advanzzing corruption, zze mind of zze keeper zznapped. He went mad and expozzed himzzelf to zze corruption. ...
Zalamon: Perhapzz he wanted to die, perhapzz he wanted to be reunited wizz hizz plantzz in zzome way. Whatever zze reazzon was, it did not kill but change him. ...
Zalamon: In hizz madnezz he became a zzread to each and everyzzing. What izz worzze, he wazz onzze a truzzted ally, zzo he knowzz many of our zzecretzz. He became a too great rizk for zze rezzizztanzze. ...
Zalamon: You will have to.. bring peazze to hizz tortured zzoul. Be careful, vile creaturezz roam zze garden now. You will probably find zze keeper in hizz underground lair beneazz zze wezztern part of zze garden.
Player: minotaur
Zalamon: Zzey are barbarianzz like you. Azz long azz zzey hurt zze dragon kingzz, I zzee in zzem zze toolzz of zze Great Zznake.
Player: mission / quest
Zalamon: You ezztablished zze connection to zze hideout, good. But zzizz izz no time to rezzt. Your new tazzk will be quite different. ...
Zalamon: Zze gardenzz are plagued by a creature. Zze former keeper of zzizz garden became an abomination of madnezz zzat needzz to be zztopped. ...
Zalamon: He hidezz deep underground and it will be dangerouzz to challenge him in hizz lair but I am willing to rizzk it. ...
Zalamon: Find him, dezztroy him, bring me hizz - I uhm, mean it izz utterly nezzezzary for you to deliver me a proof of hizz deazz. ...
Zalamon: Now go - what are you waiting for, zzoftzzkin? Ready to finish what needzz to be finished?
Player: name
Zalamon: My true name would be impozzible for your zzlow and underdeveloped tongue to pronounzze. You may call me Zzalamon.
Player: orc
Zalamon: Zzey are vile beazztzz. Zze minotaurzz enzzlaved zzem like zze dragonzz enzzlaved uzz. But zzey dezzerved no better. At leazzt zze minotaurzz keep zzem in check and make zzem a better weapon againzzt zze dragonzz.
Player: plains / plainzz / muggy
Zalamon: Zze plainzz uzzed to be zze home of many lizzardzz. Rezzently not many travellerzz dared to go zzere... and have returned.
Player: plant
Zalamon: Did you zzquander zze whole flazzk of plant poizzon already? What do you want from me, anozzer one?
Player: yes
Zalamon: Alright alright, zzere you have it.
Player: poison / poizzon
Zalamon: Zze emperor of zze dragonzz hazz tranzzformed himzzelf into an undead creature to lazzt for all eternity, to cheat deazz. Hizz corruption flowzz to zzozze he bound, and from zzem to zzozze zzey bound, and from zzem into zze land.
Player: resistance / rezzizztanzze
Zalamon: It'zz a grim tazzk. Zzo far I've only met a few lizzardzz who were not corrupted by zze emperor yet. Zzome of zzem were zzimple workerzz, no warriorzz. Ozzerzz were lozzt in zzeir own wayzz. ...
Zalamon: None of zzem could help me on my mission.
Player: strike / zztrike
Zalamon: In order to zzin out zze enemy linezz, we'll have to zztrike zzwiftly and effectively. You'll have to approach zze great gate onzze again. I'll try to get you out of zzere in time. Are you prepared for zzizz?
Player: supplies / zzuppliezz
Zalamon: Already finished? Did you get zze zzuppliezz I requezzted from you?
Player: task / tazzkzz
Zalamon: Yezz, I have zzome tazzkzz for you indeed. Mozzt importantly we are in need of zzuppliezz. Furzzermore, zze emperor will zzurely zztrike back zzoon. I've zzought about a zztrategy for a zzmaller zztrike to weaken hizz forzzezz even furzzer.
Player: temple
Zalamon: Zzizz former refuge hazz been corrupted and izz now a deadly trap, tainted and lozzt.
Player: traveller / job
Zalamon: I am zze lazzt priezzt of zze true god. I wazz zze grand charmer of my people before zze dragonzz came to Zao.
Player: true god
Zalamon: Zze Great Zznake. Our mozzer, our keeper. Zze Great Zznake izz our zzourzze and our dezztiny.
Player: tunnels
Zalamon: Zzezze tunnelzz have been uzzed by lizzardzz for zzenturiezz azz a zzupport line. Zzere have alzzo been timezz when zzey gave shelter and refuge azz an ezzcape route. ...
Zalamon: Nowadayzz zzey are mainly uzzed by zze forzzezz of zze emperor to tranzzport cratezz wizz food, gear and ozzer materialzz from zze Muggy Plainzz to zze norzz.
Player: zao
Zalamon: Zzizz wazz zze land of zze lizzard people. We lived here for zzenturiezz in peazze. We were great in zzienzze, philozzophy and art. Now zze land izz zzick wizz corruption. ...
Zalamon: ZZozze zzat are not opprezzed by zze dragon kingzz are overrun by barbaric creaturezz.
Player: bye
Zalamon: Zzee how far you can get.

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