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Transcript of Zora

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Transcript of Zora

Player: hi
Zora: Ah, look what the north wind blew here. Hope you're up to some business.
Player: business
Zora: I am overseeing some of our operations here. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a trade.
Player: trade
Zora: About time someone is interested in my wares. Footballs have to be purchased separately.
Player: Footballs
Zora: Do you want to buy a football for 111 gold?
Player: yes
Zora: Here you go.
Player: Footballs
Zora: Do you want to buy a football for 111 gold?
Player: no
Zora: Oh, but it's fun to play!
Player: job
Zora: I am overseeing some of our operations here. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a trade.
Player: name
Zora: I am known as Zora and just for your information, there is no longer a bounty on my head.
Player: svargrond
Zora: If I had more ships and men, I'd take over that town in one surprise attack. But the way things are now, this would be a waste of resources. Well, our base here is sufficient for now.
Player: mines
Zora: The mines are still a problem. Those raiders make it impossible to do something about the mines.
Player: excalibug
Zora: Looking for that weapon seems quite unprofitable.
Player: ferumbras
Zora: He is more a problem in the South.
Player: yeti
Zora: We haven't seen one of them but we lost several men without a trace. So who knows.
Player: barbarian
Zora: It's a sad thing that our people are split. With each year that is passing, we drift further apart from each other.
Player: raiders
Zora: They somewhat remind me of the men I sailed with in my youth. Still they are enemies and I ordered our men to kill them on sight.
Player: bounty
Zora: I was ... kind of wild in my youth.
Player: equipment / buy / stuff / offer / goods
Zora: Now you're talking my language. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a trade.
Player: sell
Zora: Now you're talking my language. So what would you like to buy?
Player: how are you?
Zora: Everything progresses smoothly and well.
Player: carlin
Zora: Carlin is a thorn in our side. A little one but a thorn nonetheless.
Player: venore
Zora: Venore will recognise my efforts here and I am sure I'll get a promotion soon.
Player: thais
Zora: Well ... Thais is far away.
Player: edron
Zora: If things progress well here, my next command might bring me to Edron.
Player: dwarf
Zora: We thought about manipulating some dwarfs to clear the mines for us. On the other hand, this would not be very effective as the dwarfs would not give up the mines either and are allied with Thais.
Player: monster
Zora: You find a large amount of monsters on this isle. Make sure to kill as many of them as you can.
Player: elf
Zora: They are a bit too friendly with Carlin for my taste. Fortunately, they don't show up here too often.
Player: god
Zora: Leave the gods alone and they won't bother you.
Player: chakoya
Zora: These chakoyas are just beasts. If they weren't so dangerous, their pelts would sell for a decent coin I guess.
Player: dragon
Zora: Hunting dragons is a dangerous but profitable field of business. If you are up to such a challenge, there is an isle full of those beasts to the south.
Player: bonelord
Zora: Such strange creatures surely exist only in legends.
Player: banor / uman / zathroth
Zora: Leave the gods alone and they won't bother you.
Player: queen
Zora: Soon enough, the little queen in Carlin will lose the last influence she is still having in this area.
Player: king
Zora: Not even the king's arm reaches this place.
Player: chyll
Zora: Some superstition of the barbarians.
Player: year of serpent
Zora: That was probably the work of the Carlin druids to prevent anyone from taking advantage of those isles which they had failed to control on their own.
Player: cult
Zora: I don't know anything about a cult.
Player: druid
Zora: Those druids are a pest.
Player: enemy
Zora: We have many enemies but they lack brains and brawn to challenge our operations.
Player: everspring
Zora: If that's a real place, we'll find it some day and explore the area.
Player: honourary
Zora: What a foolish practise. It only proves what idiots those barbarians are.
Player: jarl
Zora: The barbarians' jarl was a fool to turn his back on our trade offers. Now we take what we want anyway and if he and his barbarians get into our way, we will see to it that they regret it.
Player: join
Zora: I am not responsible for hiring new recruits. Travel to Venore to get a job.
Player: leaders
Zora: That ruffian Baltim and me are leading this little operation.
Player: mission / quest / task
Zora: Buy something or leave. Don't bother me!
Player: news
Zora: Certainly nothing I'd share with a stranger. If you're here to trade, go ahead. If you are here to gossip, get lost.
Player: port hope
Zora: Business is growing awfully slow there. We should really assign someone with some talent to improve our influence over there.
Player: rumours
Zora: There is a rumour about a ship that sunk somewhere here in front of the coast. Inside the hulk was a huge treasure. If it would be possible, I would dive down by my own and look for it.
Player: bye
Zora: Come back when you're up to some business, Player.

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