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Transcript of Zumtah

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Transcript of Zumtah

Player: hi
Zumtah: Another visitor to this constricted, cosy, calm realm, perfect except for an exit. Muhaha.
Player: exit
Zumtah: It's you, why did they throw you in here again? Anyway, I will just transform you once more. I also recovered your crate which will wait for you at the exit. There, feel free to go.
Player: job
Zumtah: I wait. I wait for someone like you to come here. I wait for them to grow disconsolate. I wait for them to despair. And I wait for them to die. Muhahaha.
Player: name / djinn / zumtah
Zumtah: I am Zumtah, Zumtah the impeccable, Zumtah the marvellous, Zumtah the... the... eternal.
Player: zao
Zumtah: The land you are currently dwelling in, human. Don't you have any sense of your surroundings?
Player: humans
Zumtah: I have seen many of them. I have seen many of them die. In here, with me. Perhaps you will be pleased to meet them. Not long and you will join their ranks. Muhaha.
Player: lizard
Zumtah: Pesky creatures. Many of them have been brought here, many of them died here. Humans, lizards, beasts, they all die the same. Down here, with me. Muhahaha.
Player: zalamon
Zumtah: What? What do you mean by that?
Player: emperor
Zumtah: Hmm, an old one. I don't care much about politics or power, as here, he has none. Here, only I have power. Muhaha.
Player: resistance
Zumtah: What are you talking about, such things do not matter down here. Down here alone, isolated and broken. Muhaha.
Player: bye
Zumtah: Muhahaha.

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