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Transcript of Baltim

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Transcript of Baltim

Player: hi
Baltim: Hi there. I hope you're here to trade and not to waste my time.
Player: trade
Baltim: Of course, just browse through my wares.
Player: job
Baltim: I am the overseer of this little outpost. You probably had already some encounters with my men. Hehe. Serves those cut-throats right if you taught them some manners.
Player: name
Baltim: I'm Baltim, not that it would be of your concern.20:31 Player: svargrond
Baltim: I hate that place and I would love to burn down that whole settlement.
Player: carlin
Baltim: Carlin lost interest in this place quite fast.
Player: mines
Baltim: The mines are not at our disposal for now but also here we have enough to plunder for a while.
Player: excalibug
Baltim: A myth the locals probably enjoy.
Player: ferumbras
Baltim: His appearances are good for business.
Player: yeti
Baltim: I know some people that might sell a fortune for a yeti fur.
Player: barbarian
Baltim: Those barbarians will regret the day they turned our offers down.
Player: raiders
Baltim: One barbarian is as worse as the other if you ask me.
Player: equipment / buy / stuff / offer / goods / sell
Baltim: I don't sell wares, but ask me for a trade if you have an offer for me.
Player: how are you?
Baltim: Yeah, as if you care.
Player: venore
Baltim: I wonder if things were better if Venore ran the mining operations.
Player: thais
Baltim: Thais has no affairs here.
Player: edron
Baltim: We should rather concentrate on Edron than wasting our time here and freezing our toes off. But who listens to me?
Player: dwarf
Baltim: It seems even the dwarfs know better than to try their luck here.
Player: monster
Baltim: At least most monsters are smart enough to stay away from the barbarians. So it's somewhat safe in the city ... if it were not for the barbarians themselves that is.
Player: elf
Baltim: The elves are of no great help here. They prefer to stay in warmer climates.
Player: god
Baltim: This place is godforsaken.
Player: chakoya
Baltim: Never heard about something like that.
Player: banor
Baltim: Banor is a god of honour and valour. Attributes that are not very common among the local barbarians.
Player: uman
Baltim: I assume the only one praying to Uman here is that hermit that lives somewhere to the west in the mountains.
Player: zathroth
Baltim: I wouldn't be surprised if those raiders are worshipping Zathroth in their hidden camps.
Player: king / queen
Baltim: I couldn't care less for kings and queens. Here I'm the king as long as I can pay the guys and keep them suspicious of each other.
Player: chyll
Baltim: You probably talked too much to this superstitious barbarians.
Player: year of serpent
Baltim: We have not seen a single serpent here. Not likely that far in the North anyway. Probably the whole serpent story has been made up by cowardly seamen of Carlin.
Player: cult
Baltim: I have no clue what you are talking about.
Player: druid
Baltim: Those Carlin druids are responsible for most of our troubles.
Player: enemy
Baltim: Our enemies are numerous. But cut-throats and ruffians are easily replaced.
Player: jarl
Baltim: The barbarian chieftain did not welcome us obviously influenced by those Carlin rats. So we have built our own little outpost here and do whatever we like.
Player: join
Baltim: We get our men from Venore. If you are looking for a job, you'll have to ask there.
Player: leaders
Baltim: I'm in charge here on behalf of Venore.
Player: mission / quest / task
Baltim: I don't have anything to do for you.
Player: news
Baltim: Well, you don't look like you could pay for the really important news so it is sufficient to say that business is growing.
Player: port hope
Baltim: I'd love an assignment in Port Hope, on the other hand, here I can make my own decisions.
Player: rumours
Baltim: They say that not one of the Carliners that has been sent to the mine has returned. If you ask me, they got what they deserved!
Player: nibelor
Baltim: Some place where those treacherous witches of the barbarians gather. Too bad we have no assassin at our disposal.
Player: plundering
Baltim: I don't mind if the people of Svargrond convict us of hunting seals. We earn good money with it.
Player: shaman
Baltim: Their witchcraft won't save them when Venore decides it is time to intervene with force.
Player: bye
Baltim: Bye.

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