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Transcript of Budrik

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Transcript of Budrik

Player: hi / hiho / hello
Budrik: Hiho, hiho Mogh. Why do you disturb me?
Player: disturb / job / shop
Budrik: I'm the foreman of this mine.
Player: dwarfs
Budrik: We understand the ways of the earth like nobody else.
Player: help
Budrik: I'm a miner, not your mother. Go ask someone else.
Player: hideout
Budrik: The hideout of the Horned Fox is probably a dangerous if not lethal place for inexperienced adventurers. It is the source of all the trouble around here.
Player: horned fox
Budrik: He is a minotaur who was kicked out of Mintwallin. He must have some kind of hideout nearby.
Player: mine / dungeon
Budrik: This is not an amusement park! Leave the miners and their drilling-worms alone and get out! We've already got enough trouble without you.
Player: mission
Budrik: Well, I could need help with that damn Horned Fox and his gang, but I guess since you are rather experienced, killing minotaurs would bore you to death. I'll wait for someone else. But thanks!
Player: monster
Budrik: We occasionally come across nasty beasts in the deepest mines.
Player: name
Budrik: My name is Budrik Deepdigger, Son of Earth, from the Molten Rock.
Player: quest
Budrik: It was very decent of you to help me, and I am thankful, really I am, but now I have to get back to my duties as a foreman.
Player: time
Budrik: Precisely 5:13 am, young one.
Player: trouble
Budrik: The Horned Fox is leading his bandits in sneak attacks and raids on us.
Player: Shearton Softbeard
Budrik: Yes, I remember him well. It was a tragedy. An earthquake led to a cave-in and many of our brave miners died. ...
Budrik: Their ghosts still haunt the Grothmok tunnel in which they died, so we had to seal it off.
Player: Grothmok
Budrik: You may enter the tunnel.
Player: bye
Budrik: Bye bye.
Player: mining helmet
Budrik: Thank the rocks! I'm so glad to have this precious heirloom back!
Player: mining
Budrik: Mining is more than just digging in the dirt. It is an art form, a philosophy, the gathered knowledge of generations!! We Deepdiggers, Sons of Earth, from the Molten Rock have taken the science of mining to a new level!
Player: mining helmet
Player: mining

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