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Captain Cookie

Transcript of Captain Cookie

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Captain Cookie

Transcript of Captain Cookie

Player: hi
Captain Cookie: Greetings, daring adventurer. If you need a passage, let me know.
Player: job
Captain Cookie: Until I finally discover the cockaigne, I'll work as a captain of this ship for the explorer's society.
Player: passage
Captain Cookie: I can bring you to our base in Liberty Bay for 400 gold. Is that what you want?
Player: no
Captain Cookie: Maybe another time.
Player: vampire
Captain Cookie: Well, if I was a vampire I guess I'd want all the blood I could get too. So I can't really blame them. Guess they have found their land of blood and honey already.
Player: honey
Captain Cookie: There is little in the world that cannot be improved with honey! I even use honey to style my hair!
Player: yalahar
Captain Cookie: I travelled here, hoping to find the cockaigne. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered I was wrong.
Player: yalahari
Captain Cookie: I wonder what kind of sweets they might prefer.
Player: sweets
Captain Cookie: Sweets are the greatest creation of the gods ever!
Player: explorer's society
Captain Cookie: Isn't it obvious? They are explorers! If someone else but me should ever discover the cockaigne, it will be them! So I'm staying with them!
Player: ab'dendriel
Captain Cookie: Hmm, cookies with sweetened bug milk are so delicious.
Player: venore
Captain Cookie: Venore's sweets are exclusive and incredibly expensive. Once, I spent my whole wage on a night full of cookies and candies.
Player: carlin
Captain Cookie: They have a decent assortment of sweets there.
Player: thais
Captain Cookie: Thais is rather dull and uninteresting when it comes to sweets.
Player: kazordoon
Captain Cookie: Dwarfish sweets taste oddly. And most sorts contain alcohol.
Player: ankrahmun
Captain Cookie: A horrible place. You have no idea how fast chocolate is melting there!
Player: darashia
Captain Cookie: The heat there lets chocolate melt quickly, but their candies made of sand wasp honey are something I could die for!
Player: chocolate
Captain Cookie: I just love chocolate! And honeyed chocolate I like the most!
Player: blood crystal
Captain Cookie: That doesn't sound really tasty.
Player: darama
Captain Cookie: Darama is a strange continent. I traveled there a long time ago in search of the cockaigne.
Player: cockaigne
Captain Cookie: When I heard the story about the cockaigne as a kid, I just knew it must be the truth. A land of milk and honey must exist, and one day I'll find it!
Player: farmine
Captain Cookie: The dwarves and their odd cave systems ...
Player: zao
Captain Cookie: Zao is a continent south-east of Yalahar. Many lizards live there ... Creepy, I tell you!
Player: krailos
Captain Cookie: Krailos is a faraway grassland, inhabited by savage ogres.
Player: issavi
Captain Cookie: A really big city on the continent Kilmaresh. Its architecture is almost as impressive as Yalahar's. The creatures there, even more so.
Player: food
Captain Cookie: I can't help it, I love sweets of any kind!
Player: oramond
Captain Cookie: Well, this is a strange region of Tibia. All that green slime there ... That's not to my taste.
Player: palimuth
Captain Cookie: I don't know much about him. He welcomed me to the city and was quite polite.
Player: roshamuul
Captain Cookie: That's an island east of Darashia. Full of old ruins and unholy, demonic creatures. Brrr.
Player: ship
Captain Cookie: I always dreamt about a ship made of sweets. But honestly I think I could not resist to taste it and would probably shipwreck it.
Player: sugar
Captain Cookie: Yummy, the mother of all sweets!
Player: svargrond
Captain Cookie: Go away. Everything there tastes salty or oily. They use all their honey to produce mead. What a waste!
Player: ocean
Captain Cookie: I sometimes wonder why the gods did not make the ocean taste like lemonade. I guess if they did, it would have been drunken dry already.
Player: kick
Captain Cookie: Get off my raft!
Player: bye / farewell
Captain Cookie: Good bye.

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