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Donald McRonald

Transcript of Donald McRonald

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Donald McRonald

Transcript of Donald McRonald

Player: hi
Donald McRonald: Hmmm, well, hello Player. What brings you here?
Player: here / job
Donald McRonald: I run a farm, what else?!
Player: name
Donald McRonald: Donald McRonald.
Player: Donald
Donald McRonald: I am Donald.
Player: farm
Donald McRonald: It is my farm, yes.
Player: time
Donald McRonald: Who cares?
Player: wife
Donald McRonald: Sherry is my wife.
Player: weather
Donald McRonald: Weather is good enough to work on the fields.
Player: crops
Donald McRonald: It is hard to grow but worth the effort.
Player: field
Donald McRonald: My fields are enchanted by the druids and the wheat grows very quickly.
Player: city
Donald McRonald: The city is to the north.
Player: mill
Donald McRonald: I sometimes have to bring the wheat there.
Player: spooked
Donald McRonald: I dont know.
Player: king
Donald McRonald: King Tibianus is our king.
Player: frodo
Donald McRonald: Frodo? He is a friend of mine.
Player: oswald
Donald McRonald: He ignores us and we ignore him.
Player: bloodblade
Donald McRonald: A general in the army.
Player: muriel
Donald McRonald: I don't trust sorcerers like you.
Player: elane
Donald McRonald: Too noble to care about us.
Player: gregor
Donald McRonald: Knights always feel superior to us farmers.
Player: marvik
Donald McRonald: Druids are a great help for us, they know much about nature.
Player: gorn
Donald McRonald: Hardly know him.
Player: sam
Donald McRonald: A blacksmith, eh?
Player: quentin
Donald McRonald: A generous person.
Player: lynda
Donald McRonald: She has a good soul.
Player: spider
Donald McRonald: I will give you 2 gold for every spider you bring me. But not a rotten spider that was already dead for some time. Do you have any with you?
Player: no
Donald McRonald: Hmpf.
Player: spider-yes
Donald McRonald: You have no spider that died recently.
Player: spider-yes
Donald McRonald: Here you are.
Player: buy / sell / offer / goods / stuff / ware / equipment / food
Donald McRonald: I can offer you wheat, cheese, carrots, and corncobs. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a trade.
Player: trade
Donald McRonald: Of course, just browse through my wares.
Player: eclesius
Donald McRonald: He sometimes comes to shop our food.
Player: bye
Donald McRonald: Yes, bye!
Player: farewell
Donald McRonald: Yes, farewell!

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