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Transcript of Eliza

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Transcript of Eliza

Player: hi
Eliza: Welcome, Player. If you're interested in spells to support your party, I can be your teacher.
Player: spells
Eliza: I have 'Train Party' for Knights, 'Protect Party' for Paladins, 'Heal Party' for Druids and 'Enchant Party' for Sorcerers. You can only use these spells if you are in a party with others.
Player: teacher / job
Eliza: I'm a teacher for party spells. That's party spells as in 'support your party members', and not 'how to get people to love your birthday party'. Just to be clear.
Player: name
Eliza: My name is Eliza.
Player: curse / moon / were
Eliza: I have no idea, I'm sorry. You could ask Fiona or Zoltan, though.
Player: party
Eliza: Having a party is a good thing. You can kill much stronger monsters than when you're on your own.
Player: edron
Eliza: Talented magicians gather in these towers and work together in researching spells. That's why the most powerful spells are only taught in Edron.
Player: thais
Eliza: I've only been to Thais once or twice. I prefer a quieter place to live and study.
Player: carlin
Eliza: I don't like the attitude of the women there. They are all a little trigger-happy, if you know what I mean.
Player: king / tibianus
Eliza: The king is a quite impressive man. Even though his deeds are often criticised, I'm sure that he only wants the best for Tibia.
Player: tibia
Eliza: People call me pessimistic, but I think this world will go down the drain sooner or later.
Player: news / rumours
Eliza: Well, the new spells we recently discovered could prove to be quite valuable. Time will tell.
Player: time
Eliza: It's 6:51 pm.
Player: bye
Eliza: Goodbye, Player.

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