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Transcript of Ezean

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Transcript of Ezean

Player: hi
Ezean: Greetingz human!
Player: human
Ezean: You are not like ze ozer humanz in Zao. Zey are nozing but animalz. You at leazt zhow zome form of intelligence and you have even won ze great tournament.
Player: Zao
Ezean: Zalamon zayz ze land waz a better plaze before ze dragon kingz came here. In fact it waz zo wonderful zat ze lizard people became lazy in zeir whorship of ze great znake. ...
Ezean: Zey did not learn from ze warningz he zend zem and in zeir greatezt blazphemy turned away from ze great znake to ze dragonz. Now Zao iz ill. You can zee ze zicknez everywhere. ...
Ezean: I zink ze dragonz came from a curzed place zat waz deztroyed by zat zicknez and zey brought it here and doomed uz all.
Player: tournament
Ezean: I guezz Zalamon coonziderz you an ally.
Player: ally
Ezean: Yez, Yez, human. You have achieved zome amazing zingz. Ztill I wonder what made Zalamon aczept ze help of you zoftzkinz. I zink he muzt act on zome kind of divine inzpiration to invite outziderz into our movement. ...
Ezean: We rely on greatezt zercercy and I do not like ze idea of rizking our zafety by truzting non-lizardz. But I will aczept ze decizion of our leader. I guez it iz too late to mourn over a crushed eggshell anyway.
Player: Zalamon
Ezean: Zalamon, ze priezt, iz blezzed by ze great znake. It iz hiz wizdom and rezolve zat formed uz into a movement zat one day might free our people. He iz ze head of ze reziztanze. ...
Ezean: Wizout him everyzing would collapze. He haz to be guarded at all coztz.
Player: movement
Ezean: Zere are only a few of uz who can rezizt zat pull in our mindz. Our people are bound to ze dragon kingz in zome magic way I don't underztand. ...
Ezean: Zoze few of uz, born wizout zat connection are uzually killed az zoon az zey are dizcovered. Zome of uz zough, zeem to develop a reziztance to zat prezenze in our mindz. ...
Ezean: It iz hard for zose who don't feel ze conztant urge to zerve ze dragon kingz to zurvive in our zoziety let alone to find each ozer. ...
Ezean: Ze great znake haz gifted Zalamon with ze 'zight'. He can zee who iz not captured in ze web of ze dragon kingz zat zpanz ze land. Ziz iz how he found uz. ...
Ezean: Zough we are few now, az zoon az ze domination by ze dragon kingz will end our people will be free onze again. I do my bezt to help and offer my zervice.
Player: offer / buy / sell / stuff / ware / goods / equipment / trade
Ezean: Of courze, have a look on my ztuff. When I left I managed to take enough offize ztationery wiz me to equip an entire army. Of penzil pusherz.
Player: corruption
Ezean: I have no idea what zat truly iz. Zere are ancient talez about a great plague. Perhapz it iz ztill not over but haz changed? Who knowz. ...
Ezean: We have more urgent matterz to handle. When we got rid of the dragonz we have all zhe time we need to care for zuch zingz.
Player: emperor
Ezean: It iz ze mozt powerful and ruzlezz of ze dragonz zat came here. It waz ze oldezt of zem. Ancient even by dragon ztandartz. After he gazered control of ze empire he took rezidenze in ze imperial palaze. ...
Ezean: Only hiz clozezt minionz have aczezz to him and he rulez zrough ze lezzer dragonz.
Player: snake
Ezean: It iz a shame zat I know zo little about ze great znake. Zhe teachingz of zhe znake god became forbidden long ago. If it where not for Zalamon ze great znake might have become forgotten. ...
Ezean: Zis iz why ze great znake gifted him wiz an impozzibly long life and beztowed upon him ozer powers like hiz 'zight'.
Player: chosen
Ezean: Zey are filled wiz ze corruption zat taintz ze land. Firzt zoze mad zingz were zeen az abominationz and cazt out or deztroyed. ...
Ezean: But az mad az zhy might be, zeir connection to ze dragon kingz iz ztrong and zey did not allow zis creaturez to be punished. ...
Ezean: Ze dragon kingz told ze people zat zis creaturez are blezzed and should be reveered.
Player: dragon kingz
Ezean: Ze dragon kingz came from nowhere in a time of great dezpair. Zey zeized ze opportunity and offered zeir help. My people did not know ze prize zey would have to pay. ...
Ezean: Zey moved into pozitionz of power in ze war againzt ze orcz and zoon zeir zuggeztionz became orderz. ...
Ezean: Az zey begun to demand obedienze mozt people zaw zem ztill az zaviourz, ozerz zought zey were nezezary to win ze war and ze only hope for our people to zurvive and yet ozerz feared zeir might. ...
Ezean: When ze ozerz rebelled zey where crushed by ze dragon kingz and all ozerz were bound by zome foul magic to ze dragon kingz will.
Player: orc
Ezean: Zey are ze onez to blame for our mizery. If not for zeze beaztz, our nation would have been ztrong enough to drive zose dragonz away when zey came.
Player: job
Ezean: I am a lezzer bureaucrat of ze empire but my true calling iz to free my people from ze clawz of ze dragon kingz once and for all. I gather intelligence for our movement and carry out ze planz of our great leader Zalamon.
Player: rebellion
Ezean: Ze firzt uprizing againzt ze dragonz datez back to ze dayz when zey zeized power. Zen a coalition waz haztily formed to oppoze zem. But zey were few and zey undereztimated ze power of ze dragonz. ...
Ezean: Zey were crushed and ze few survivorz became hunted.
Player: sight
Ezean: I don't underztand ze zpecificz but it zeemz Zalamon zeez an invizible band zat connectz mozt of ze lizard people to one of ze dragon kingz. ...
Ezean: And if I underztood it right ze dragon kingz zemzelvez are connected zrough zuch a bond to zomezing in ze imperial palaze, probably ze dragon emperor itzelf. Everyone bound zat way feelz ze urge to pleaze and obey ze dragon kingz. ...
Ezean: Ze zight allowz Zalamon to find zoze who ezcaped ze domination of ze dragon kingz az well az being dizcovered and eleminated.
Player: bye
Ezean: Good bye, Player.

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