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Transcript of Flint

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Transcript of Flint

Player: hi / hello
Flint: Hello, citizen. If you need equipment, ask for a trade.
Player: trade
Flint: Make your choice, friend.
Player: job
Flint: I am the local blacksmith. I used to be a soldier and city guard, and the equipment I forge is meant to keep the people safe.
Player: glooth
Flint: I buy glooth-based equipment, if you have some to sell, ask for a trade.
Player: mino
Flint: The plague of this island. You will need equipment against them. Ask me for a trade.
Player: ammunition / distance / paladin
Flint: One floor upstairs, friend.
Player: temple
Flint: Wounded by the minos, eh? Azalea can stitch you up.
Player: offer / sell / buy / weapon / armor
Flint: Certainly. Ask me for a trade to browse through my stock.
Player: equipment
Flint: I am interested in buying glooth-based weapons and armors or other local equipment you found. Just ask me for a trade.
Player: maxxen
Flint: Hm, sounds unfamiliar.
Player: time
Flint: It is 11:46 am, citizen.
Player: friend
Flint: None of your business.
Player: name
Flint: I am Captain John Flint.
Player: flint
Flint: Yes. Exactly.
Player: christine
Flint: Lovely voice. Good glooth sandwiches.
Player: fyodor
Flint: Talks a lot. Good soul underneath.
Player: graham
Flint: You need knight spells? Go see him in the old barbican. Two houses down the street.
Player: nicholas
Flint: Strange lad. Head full of tapestry and clocks.
Player: fayla
Flint: Still a beautiful woman. Carried a torch for her in my youth. Heh. Sells instruments now, doesn't she?
Player: alaistar
Flint: Fancy ideas about minotaurs. Intrepid man, though.
Player: azalea
Flint: Local druid. Good healer and teacher. Rears some nice flowers, too.
Player: edmund
Flint: Benign gentleman, keen on gems. Short-sighted like a mole, though.
Player: maro
Flint: The toolmaker mino? An exception to the rule.
Player: mordecai
Flint: Only interested in making runes and wands. If you need magical equipment, go see him.
Player: silas
Flint: One floor upstairs, friend.
Player: virgil / carefew
Flint: Bank manager. Very influential. Don't get on his bad side, friend.
Player: bye / farewell
Flint: Be well, citizen.

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