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Transcript of Hal

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Transcript of Hal

Player: hi / hello
Hal: He.. hello. Unless you have official business here or want to pass the gate, please m... move on.
Player: alchemist quarter
Hal: That's north of m... me. Sometimes there are... yellow clouds... and g... green clouds. It's p... pretty.
Player: arena quarter
Hal: I d... don't like the shouting coming from that quarter.
Player: augur
Hal: My b... boss is an Augur.
Player: cemetery quarter
Hal: I once saw the g... ghost of a woman strolling around the g... graves.
Player: drink
Hal: Please don't tell anyone! Really... I... I need that, else I couldn't do this job.
Player: factory quarter
Hal: They should shut a... all of that d... down. Or have they?
Player: fenrock
Hal: It's an i... island east of here. N... no, I mean west!
Player: foreign quarter
Hal: D... did you see those lizards?? And other beasts? I wonder where they come f... from.
Player: island
Hal: I d... don't know what you're talking about. Ask someone e... else.
Player: job / official
Hal: Corporal of the Yalaharian G... Guard Force.
Player: magician quarter
Hal: Ah, w... witches and w... warlocks!
Player: mission
Hal: Mission? I don't know anything about a m... mission. What do you want from me?
Player: mistrock
Hal: Uhm... I... forgot.
Player: name
Hal: I'm Hal... but please don't snitch on me.
Player: pass / gate
Hal: Do you want to p... pass the gate? Are you headed for the arena or the alchemist quarter?
Player: quarter
Hal: There's too much going on here... too many people... too many problems.
Player: random word
Hal: What the h... heck are you talking about?
Player: sunken quarter
Hal: Bah! Quara! That should be called a... quarater, not a ... quarter.
Player: trade quarter
Hal: I don't want to t... trade.
Player: vengoth
Hal: I heard there are v... vampires.
Player: Yalahar
Hal: Oh god... I hate this city. And my j... job.
Player: city
Hal: There's too much going on here... too many people... too many problems.
Player: bye
Hal: Goodbye citizen!

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