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Transcript of Lisander

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Transcript of Lisander

Player: hi / hello
Lisander: I'd rather be left in peace. Keep it short.
Player: peace / job
Lisander: Listen, I'm not a big small talker. Why don't you do us both a favour and leave me alone?
Player: augur
Lisander: They can be a pain in the neck.
Player: alori mort
Lisander: Hold your tongue.
Player: name
Lisander: Lisander. Couldn't say 'nice to meet you' though. Are you done?
Player: blood
Lisander: No, that's wine I'm drinking.
Player: Armenius
Lisander: His bar is a little too dirty for my taste.
Player: Ortheus
Lisander: He's not the type to hang out in taverns, so I rarely see him.
Player: Serafin
Lisander: That guy should become a bit tougher. He's a little too mellow.
Player: Julius
Lisander: Nosy little wannabe.
Player: Maris
Lisander: Good man.
Player: vampire
Lisander: Ooooh. Daaaaaaaangerous creatures of the night! If that's what you wanted to hear.
Player: mission / quest
Lisander: Yes, I have one. Mission 1: Try to keep your mouth shut for at least two hours!
Player: yalahar
Lisander: This city has a lot more to offer than other cities.
Player: quarter
Lisander: I like it here, though that's obviously not a quarter.
Player: cookie
Lisander: It'd be better for you to leave now.
Player: bye
Lisander: Finally.

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