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Transcript of Maro

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Transcript of Maro

Player: hi / hello
Maro: Hello, fellow hooman. You need tools? Equipment? Ask for a trade if you do.
Player: name
Maro: I am Maro.
Player: maro
Maro: Yes. That is my name. You wish?
Player: time
Maro: I make clocks, fellow hooman, not time.
Player: minotaur / minotaurs
Maro: I have no memories of the clans. I do not belong there. I make tools.
Player: buy
Maro: Ask me for a trade to see my tools.
Player: human
Maro: I was raised in the city by father Alaistar. I live as a hooman. I behave as one. I am one.
Player: christine
Maro: The young female hooman? HER voice makes my teeth tingle. I have made ear plugs, they help.
Player: glooth
Maro: It is an interesting substance that my fellow hoomans use a lot in their tools.
Player: edmund
Maro: I admire his craftmanship. He makes most beautiful things out of the hard earths and stones.
Player: emily
Maro: Sad lady friend of a friend, very much alone. I feel for her.
Player: flint
Maro: He makes weapons. He says they are for defense of fellow hoomans. But where there is a weapon, there is an attack. I prefer to make tools.
Player: fyodor
Maro: He has quick hands and a quick tongue. He can write anything and talks very much. But he has become a friend.
Player: graham
Maro: He tries to protect the weak. He is a good hooman.
Player: job
Maro: As you see. I am a toolmaker. I make tools.
Player: maxxen
Maro: I don't know that person.
Player: mordecai
Maro: Uncle is always busy. He does not like to leave his study much. He leaves such things to father and me.
Player: news
Maro: Read the paper. Or ask fellow hooman Fyodor. I do not know. I know how to make tools.
Player: nicholas
Maro: He has interesting ideas for hooman sitting tools. Maro sometimes lends a hand in their construction.
Player: silas / terrence
Maro: He fights the clans. There is no friendship between him and me.
Player: trade
Maro: Choose.
Player: virgil
Maro: He is a very important hooman in this city. Many listen to him when he speaks. Or maybe it is because he owns the big house of gold coins.
Player: emily
Maro: Sad lady friend of a friend, very much alone. I feel for her.
Player: wife
Maro: Ah, the lady friend Emily is a wife, or a widow some say. She is sad and alone. If you have a message for her, she will be glad.
Player: bye / farewell
Maro: Yes. Good bye.

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