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Raymond Striker

Transcript of Raymond Striker

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Raymond Striker

Transcript of Raymond Striker

Player: hi / hello
Raymond Striker: Be greeted. Is there anything I can do for you?
Player: do for you / job
Raymond Striker: I am one of the free captains of the Shattered Isles, who selected me as their spokesperson.
Player: bounty
Raymond Striker: Yes, I know that there is a bounty on my head, but it is unwise to challenge one of the best swordsmen of the world while his friends are around. So you will have to wait for a better opportunity.
Player: captains
Raymond Striker: We don't consider ourselves as pirates, but as freedom fighters. But there are indeed pirates out there. They are true bandits, cutthroats and murderers. They are the ones responsible for the horrible acts that are accredited to us.
Player: outfit
Raymond Striker: Your outfit?? We have more urgent missions to think about than to improve your looks!
Player: Carlin
Raymond Striker: We have loose trade relations with Carlin.
Player: Charlotta
Raymond Striker: That old woman has a good heart, although she holds a grudge against Thais and Venore, just like most of us.
Player: Chondur
Raymond Striker: Chondur is a wise man. He is a great help in keeping our hideout secret and healing the wounded and sick ones.
Player: cult
Raymond Striker: Yes, we heard about some cult. Suppressed and angry people turn for help wherever it comes from and shut their eyes to reality ...
Raymond Striker: We have learnt that the cult maintains a base somewhere to the northeast of Liberty Bay. But that is not our problem, we have other battles to fight.
Player: eleonore
Raymond Striker: She is my only and true love. It hurts me deeply that the mermaid's magic let me forget her. I feel so guilty and can only hope that Eleonore can forgive my weakness.
Player: excalibug
Raymond Striker: Excalibug is a myth and older than the settlements on this isle. You won't find it here.
Player: explorer society
Raymond Striker: They are harmless explorers and we have no quarrels with them.
Player: Ferumbras
Raymond Striker: It is rumoured that he has established some base on one of the isles in the past.
Player: governor
Raymond Striker: The governor is only a pawn in the game of the trade barons of Venore. Those moneybags use him as it pleases them.
Player: Isolde
Raymond Striker: That woman might be more dangerous than it seems.
Player: king
Raymond Striker: I doubt the king gains as much from the occupation of the isles as the Venoreans do.
Player: liberty bay
Raymond Striker: One day the city will bear this name justly and with pride.
Player: loveless / theodore
Raymond Striker: That slimy toad Loveless is the true evil that dwells in Liberty Bay. But the evil is just like a hydra: If you cut off one head, another will grow back immediately. So we'd better stick to the evil we know.
Player: mermaid / marina
Raymond Striker: I am deeply ashamed that I lacked the willpower to resist her spell. Thank you for your help in that matter. Now my head is once more free to think about our mission.
Player: name
Raymond Striker: Raymond Striker, at your service.
Player: natives
Raymond Striker: We so-called natives have been suppressed and ransacked by the Venoreans and their Thaian puppets.
Player: pirate
Raymond Striker: We don't consider ourselves as pirates, but as freedom fighters. But there are indeed pirates out there. They are true bandits, cutthroats and murderers. They are the ones responsible for the horrible acts that are accredited to us.
Player: plantation
Raymond Striker: One day the workers might be free men and women again.
Player: quara
Raymond Striker: The quara pose a threat to all of us. As soon as we have freed the isles from the current occupiers, we must concentrate our efforts to wipe out the quara in this territory.
Player: rum
Raymond Striker: Rum is one of the few pleasures a sailor has on the high seas.
Player: sugar
Raymond Striker: Sugar lured the Venoreans here. Still, we need it.
Player: task
Raymond Striker: You should prove your worth to us first by solving missions.
Player: thais
Raymond Striker: Thais is not the source of the evil that has befallen our isles. It might end up as a victim itself whenever Venore feels powerful enough.
Player: Tristan
Raymond Striker: As far as I can tell he is a good and valorous warrior. It would be a shame if I had to fight him.
Player: venore
Raymond Striker: The scheming trade barons of Venore know nothing but profit and power. For that, they lie and murder and would readily sell their souls.
Player: voodoo
Raymond Striker: I have seen some bad things that voodoo can do, but it is not the magic that is good or evil - only its user.
Player: Wyrmslicer
Raymond Striker: He is smart and has some honour. Even though I admire these traits in him, he is still on the wrong side, and the day might come when we have to cross blades.
Player: bye / farewell
Raymond Striker: May there always be wind in your sails, Player.

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