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Transcript of Ruprecht

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Transcript of Ruprecht

Player: hi / hello
Ruprecht: A merry christmas and a 'Ho!Ho!Ho!' to you, Mogh! Anything I can help you with?
Player: help / job
Ruprecht: I am one of Santa's helpers. Not one of the little ones, of course!! I tend the reindeer, look after his sleigh and collect the presents that are stolen by the goblins. ...
Ruprecht: If you give me presents, I trade you a token for each one. Turn in your collected tokens for nice prizes.
Player: santa
Ruprecht: Well, he does not really like it if someone tells his story ... but I do! A long, long time ago Santa was nothing but a greedy little dwarf. A real miser, I tell ya ...
Ruprecht: He was greedy even by dwarven standards. He would never share anything or give away the cheapest thing in his possession ...
Ruprecht: One day a woman came to his house and asked him for a cup of water ...
Ruprecht: Of course he refused. He even mocked her for being so naive. But what he did not know was that this woman was some kind of mighty fairy or perhaps a goddess in disguise ...
Ruprecht: Be it as it may, the woman cursed old Santa, forcing him to share his fortune with everyone he met ...
Ruprecht: Santa was horrified. Of course, he could not bear the thought of sharing anything at all. So he went into hiding ...
Ruprecht: He hid in the most remote places in the world, but time and again someone found him out, and the curse made him share his wealth ...
Ruprecht: And know something? Old santa actually came to like it! He saw the joy his presents brought, and this opened his old stony heart ...
Ruprecht: And he learnt that this way his fortune gave him more joy and pleasure than it ever did when he locked it away. ...
Ruprecht: Over the years he turned it into a game. He hid somewhere to reward those who found him ...
Ruprecht: But once every year, on a very special day which happens to be his curse's anniversary, he goes out and brings presents to the people, and especially to the children ...
Ruprecht: Well, that is his story ... Nah, that's not a tear in my eye. It's just the wind, you know.
Player: sleigh
Ruprecht: Oh, the sleigh is magical, of course. It was made by some djinn that owed good old Santa a favour.
Player: present
Ruprecht: The goblins of clan Grynch have made it a habit to steal presents in the cities and even from Santa's sleigh. If you should find any, please return them to me and I will reward you with a token. You can collect tokens and trade them for a nice gift.
Player: stolen
Ruprecht: The goblins of clan Grynch have made it a habit to steal presents in the cities and even from Santa's sleigh. If you should find any, please return them to me and I will reward you with a token. You can collect tokens and trade them for a nice gift.
Player: goblin / grynch
Ruprecht: The goblins of clan Grynch are a constant nuisance. They steal everything that is not nailed to the ground, and if possible even that. ...
Ruprecht: They do not shrink away from stealing presents from little children. If you should manage to get your hands on the stolen presents Santa will gladly return them to their rightful owners.
Player: turn in
Ruprecht: Sorry, but you do not have a token.
Player: christmas bakery
Ruprecht: The entrance to the bakery is right behind my hut.
Player: deer
Ruprecht: They are no ordinary deer, but a rare magical breed. They are fun and nice, you know. The ugly thing about them is that they prefer a stew made of old, worn boots of haste. Guess that keeps them fast and flying. But what a foul stench!!
Player: token
Ruprecht: If you have any tokens you'd like to turn in, just tell me to turn in the tokens. ...
Ruprecht: For 1 token you will get a gingerbread man or christmas cookie tray. For 10 tokens I will give you a recipe so you can make your own gingerbread men in the christmas bakery. ...
Ruprecht: For 25 tokens I will give you a jewel box, while you can trade 50 tokens for a hat, just like the one Santa has. ...
Ruprecht: 75 tokens are enough for a fluffy santa backpack or a snowflake tapestry, and for 100 tokens you will get a santa doll. I trade 150 tokens for a snowman doll or a snow globe. ...
Ruprecht: 250 tokens are enough for a frazzlemaw santa, a leaf golem santa, a maxxen santa, a ferumbras' teddy santa, an orclops santa, a santa music box, a santa fox, a nightmare beast santa ...
Ruprecht: a santa leech, a raccoon santa and finally 500 tokens for a santa teddy.
Player: bye / farewell
Ruprecht: Good bye! And happy holidays, my friend!

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