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Transcript of Timothy

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Transcript of Timothy

Player: hi
Timothy: Oh, hello! It's a pleasure to see a visitor from the continent.
Player: visitor / job
Timothy: I work for the explorer's society as an information gatherer here in this newly discovered city.
Player: society
Timothy: As we are interested in many fields, it's no wonder that we are here. There are so many marvels to observe and so many things to discover. ...
Timothy: It will take a lifetime to compile all that knowledge. If you are interested, you can assist me in this matter.
Player: assist
Timothy: If you stumble upon an artefact from Yalahar's past, I'd certainly be interested in buying it from you. ...
Timothy: These artefacts come in different shapes and sizes, but I'm sure you will recognise their importance.
Player: artefact
Timothy: Do you have a real Yalahari artefact with you?
Player: no
Timothy: Oh, too bad.
Player: artefact
Timothy: Do you have a real Yalahari artefact with you?
Player: yes
Timothy: Excellent! You will find Palimuth near the entrance of the city centre. Just ask him if you can assist him in a few missions.
Player: city / yalahar
Timothy: The city is still a marvel to behold. I can only slightly imagine how it must have looked in its prime. ...
Timothy: It's a shame that all its glory vanished through the centuries.
Player: name
Timothy: I'm Timothy of the explorer's society.
Player: palimuth
Timothy: He works as an Augur - a high ranking official of the city. He's responsible for assigning all available helpers to different tasks. ...
Timothy: An ungrateful job considering what kind of helpers are at his disposal. There are many problems and the number of the hired helpers is small.
Player: cookies
Timothy: Look, my friend, I'm only interested in ancient artefacts. Ancient cookies are not what I'm looking for.
Player: vampire
Timothy: I've just started to research why the vampires attack Yalahar, but unfortunately I've not gotten very far yet.
Player: mission
Timothy: Oh, didn't I mention it? A friend of mine, a local officer named Palimuth, needs some assistance. Maybe you are interested in this job!
Player: blood crystal
Timothy: Oh yes, I heard about a gem like that. Nowadays they seem incredibly hard to acquire. The explorer's society doesn't own one, else I'd help you.
Player: research notes
Timothy: You've already received my notes.
Player: farewell / bye
Timothy: Good bye.

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