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Transcript of Vescu

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Transcript of Vescu

Player: hi
Vescu: Hey t-there, you look like someone who enjoys a good booze.
Player: booze
Vescu: Did I say booze? I meant, flamingo. Pink birds are kinda cool, don't you think? Especially on a painting.
Player: flamingo
Vescu: You have to enjoy the word. Like, flayyyminnngoooo. Say it with me.
Player: flayyyminnngoooo
Vescu: Yes, you got it! Hahaha, we understand each other. Good job.
Player: job
Vescu: I'm a killer! Yeshindeed! A masterful assassin. I prefer that too 'Peekay'.
Player: assassin
Vescu: Being an assassin brings big responsibility. Yeshindeed.
Player: name
Vescu: Was it Vescu? Yes, that's it.
Player: Erayo
Vescu: He's my friend. But for some reason, I never manage to get inside his house.
Player: Atrad
Vescu: He's a pyromaniac. And he gets angry fast.
Player: sober
Vescu: I wish there was like a potion which makes you sober in an instant. Dwarven rings wear off so fast.
Player: lizard
Vescu: I once had a girlfriend c-called L-lizzie. She had s-scales too.
Player: dragon
Vescu: Have you ever wondered if a red dragon means 'stop' whereas a green dragon means 'go'?
Player: eye
Vescu: Do bonelord eyes continue blinking when they are seperated from the bonelord? That is a scary thought.
Player: demon
Vescu: I like d-demons. They are just as pretty as flamingos. But you need a blessed stake or something to get demon dust.
Player: fish
Vescu: Not normal fish fins of course. We need Quara fish fins. If you haven't h-heard about them, ask the - - plorer society.
Player: vampire
Vescu: Don't you think vampires have something - - romantic about them? I think you need a b-blessed steak though to turn them into d-dust.
Player: addon
Vescu: I can give you a scar as an addon. Nyahahah.
Player: outfit / secret
Vescu: I don't think I can tell you any more s-secrets. Maybe my f-friends can. Visit Atrad and Erayo sometime . Or old Samir the Daraman Plague Spire.
Player: blessed steak
Vescu: Did I say steak? Must be the hunger... I mean, blessed stake.
Player: nutty
Vescu: I'm not nuts!
Player: responsibility
Vescu: Yes, especially getting sober before going to work.
Player: scar
Vescu: You don't understand a j-joke when bumped right into it, d-do you?
Player: sweat
Vescu: If you can't sweat enough yourself, go ask a Djinn. They do - magical - tractions. Err, extractions.
Player: bye
Vescu: T-time for another b-beer.

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