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Transcript of Virgil

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Transcript of Virgil

Virgil: Glooth papers rising! Capital!
Player: hi / hello
Virgil: Good day to you, Sir. How may I be of assistance? Bank business, perhaps?
Player: name
Virgil: Virgil Carefew, at your service.
Player: job
Virgil: I am the director of the Oramond Island Bank.
Player: time
Virgil: It is 5:58 am, precisely.
Player: virgil
Virgil: The name runs in our family since generations, and is traditionally given to the firstborn son.
Player: minotaur
Virgil: Those creatures are a constant threat. I am glad that our city guards take care of protecting the city against their continual raids! However, if you could spare some time, I am sure some assistance would not come amiss.
Player: airtight cloth
Virgil: What a modern idea. I see no practical use at present.
Player: thais
Virgil: We may be interested in trading further goods and glooth products, but that will be voted on by the magistrate.
Player: glooth
Virgil: The wealth of our city. Did you know that it is of animal origin? There is a book about it somewhere, I am sure.
Player: food
Virgil: I can recommend the Old Opera Café just next door. Miss D'Albray makes a most delightful and nourishing glooth sandwich, and sells provisions to adventurous natures.
Player: king
Virgil: Ruled by a king? We had a princess, once. Ah, that was long ago. Primitive times.
Player: factory
Virgil: The new factory will surely prove beneficial to Rathleton's financial success.
Player: slums
Virgil: The lower part of the city is, sadly, quite derelict. It used to be the heart of the older Rathleton town, but times have changed, and with the discovery of glooth, some have prospered and some have not. ...
Virgil: Nowadays, only the poor and destitute live there. However, rents in the lower part of town are low, which is why scientists and tradesmen continue to run their business near the harbour.
Player: gossip
Virgil: I am unable to relate the exact sayings of the lower caste to you, but I believe that most gossips emerge from the older part of town. Ask someone in any tavern there, and you will hear all the sailor's yarn you can possibly wish for.
Player: magistrate
Virgil: Yes, the magistrate executes the will of the people. It is a most remarkable institution. If you wish to learn more about our city, you should visit Barazbaz, the magistrate's historian.
Player: minotaur / minotaurs
Virgil: Those creatures are a constant threat. I am glad that our city guards take care of protecting the city against their continual raids! However, if you could spare some time, I am sure some assistance would not come amiss.
Player: captain caveworm
Virgil: I've never seen anything that can be attributed to him.
Player: maxxen
Virgil: He turned evil and built a golem army to destroy the city. But he was stopped.
Player: news
Virgil: I read in the Oramond Observer that gloothomir papers are still in high demand,whereas the gloothine seems to be suffering a sudden loss of favour.
Player: dr merlay / emily / henry
Virgil: I am sorry, I do not discuss other clients' matters with a third, as a rule.
Player: edmund
Virgil: Ah, yes. Mr Orlond has rented the upper storey. You will find there a selection of the finest Oramondian jewellery.
Player: fyodor
Virgil: Ah. Our local post officer and news editor. I believe you will find him quite outspoken on political matters of Oramond, if a little inclined to drama.
Player: mordecai
Virgil: Professor Stanton is an expert on runes and wands. He used to teach sorcerer spells as well, but has now left that post to his close friend, Mr Barnabas Dee.
Player: maro
Virgil: That minotaur Dr Stanton brought with him from a field trip is a constant source of danger, a threat to our city! Sadly, Dr Stanton perseveres in a most unfortunate naivete regarding his 'foster-son'.
Player: graham
Virgil: Our local knight trainer. He does a fairly good job, or so I am told. Please excuse me, I have pressing matters to attend to.
Player: alaistar
Virgil: Dr Stanton is one of our most renown researchers in the fields of magical liquids and Oramondian botany. ...
Virgil: He has written extensive works on the minotaurs especially, and thinks it possible to communicate with them. Imagine that! Communicate with our enemies! It needs a scientific mind like Dr Stanton's to have such a ... peacable notion.
Player: barazbaz
Virgil: Our local historian is well versed in our city's past. Feel free to visit him - or to read through our library in the magistrate.
Player: barnabas dee
Virgil: Mr Dee has a somewhat unusual hobby - he is an astrologer. Or was it astronomer? Please excuse me, I am not an adept in these things. Ah yes, and he also teaches sorcerer spells.
Player: silas
Virgil: A very ancient family of impeccable repute. Silas, the youngest son, is a proficiant bowmaker and learned paladin trainer. You should visit his shop if you need ammunition.
Player: christine
Virgil: Young Miss D'Albay indulges in running a little business these days, but I am certain you will find her glooth sandwiches to your taste.
Player: terrence
Virgil: An energetic man, and also the captain of the city guards. If you wish to undertake a mission for the city, he is the man to talk to.
Player: bye / farewell
Virgil: Enjoy your day, Sir.

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