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Transcript of Vulturenose

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Transcript of Vulturenose

Player: hi / hello
Vulturenose: Hrrrrm. So what?
Player: Carlin
Vulturenose: A city full of women? That calls for plunder. Sadly, a bit far away. Ho Ho Ho.
Player: Chondur
Vulturenose: The pet magician of Striker. Sooner or later, we will get the heads of both.
Player: cult
Vulturenose: What are you talking about? I don't wanna hear about that nonsense.
Player: enter
Vulturenose: YOU WILL NOT PASS! Erm ... I mean you don't look like a true pirate to me. You won't get in.
Player: excalibug
Vulturenose: Only a wimp needs magical weapons.
Player: Ferumbras
Vulturenose: If he'd be still alive, he'd make a fine ship magician. Ho Ho Ho.
Player: governor
Vulturenose: The little lord in his little palace wets his pants whenever he just thinks about us.
Player: Isolde
Vulturenose: That was the name of a tavern wench in some harbour in the North.
Player: job / what
Vulturenose: I guard this door. I won't let anyone pass who is not supposed to enter.
Player: king
Vulturenose: We are the undisputed kings of the seas.
Player: liberty bay
Vulturenose: For us Liberty Bay is an open treasure chest. Ho Ho Ho.
Player: loveless / theodore
Vulturenose: You shouldn't poke your nose into Mr. Loveless' business, understood?
Player: name
Vulturenose: They call me Vulturenose.
Player: natives
Vulturenose: I'd rather call them cowards. Ho Ho Ho.
Player: pirate
Vulturenose: Yoho, a pirate's life for me!
Player: quara
Vulturenose: I don't understand why they all dislike the quara. They don't taste that bad at all.
Player: rum
Vulturenose: You won't bribe old Vulturenose with some rum. No way.
Player: Striker
Vulturenose: Sooner or later he will run out of luck and then we will get his head.
Player: sugar
Vulturenose: You can call me honey.
Player: thais
Vulturenose: Thais is a town full of wimps.
Player: Tristan
Vulturenose: I owe him a scar. His own will be much deeper and right over his throat though.
Player: venore
Vulturenose: The Venoreans don't care about the likes of you.
Player: voodoo
Vulturenose: Who needs spells and runes when some inches of steel do the same and mean much more fun?
Player: Wyrmslicer
Vulturenose: That toy soldier can't scare a real pirate.
Player: bye / farewell
Vulturenose: Get lost.

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