Vampire Shadows in Vengoth’s Castle – the truth

Some time ago, our research specialist – Haishen was able to prove one of the old tibian secrets which no one ever really managed to confirm. What is more, he documented his research very well, so today we can enjoy some of the most unique screenshots of tibian bosses of all times. He shared the whole story on Tibiabosses forum, but due to the fact that the site is specific and the forum is not very popular, it didn’t receive the attention it deserved. We think that the fact that he solved the mystery of the vampire shadows is interesting enough to write an article about it. It’s one of those situations, which prove that Tibia still allows players to reveal long-known mysteries and that they are solvable. Let’s move on and analyse some of the rarest bosses of Tibia.

The beginning

Vengoth is both interesting and grim place. This location was implemented to the game along with Yalahar city, more than a decade ago. Vengoth castle is the residence of 4 vampire brothers: Arthei, Lersatio, Marziel and Boreth. Based on the information available, it appears that they were normal humans once. They were inhabitants of Carlin who arrived in Yalahar in search of a new home. Shortly after settling down a tragedy befell on them. Arthei got seriously injured which later resulted in a tangle of events leading all four brothers to vampirism.

During the Blood Brothers quest, we have the opportunity to face and defeat each of the vampire brothers. They were introduced to the game as new bosses which we have to kill to finish the before-mentioned quest.

Shadows of Vengoth – the mystery

Years have passed and at least 2 mysteries arose over the castle of Vengoth. First of all, players found very strange occurrences in the kill statistics available on It came to light that there were extremely rare kill records of mysterious bosses: Shadow of Boreth, Shadow of Lersatio and Shadow of Marziel. Of course, names of these bosses were easily associated with the Vengoth castle, but no one knew how exactly the mechanic of Shadows works and where should we look for them. Theories emerged. One of them was based on Arthei’s war cry:

Marziel! Lersatio! Boreth! Come join me in this fight!”

Because of this war cry and the fact that boss “Shadow of Arthei” does not exist, some people started to speculate that it is Arthei who summons shadow-bosses to aid him in battle. There was at least one report of meeting one of the Shadows in Arthei’s chamber, but strangely it was not proved by a single screenshot.

Final solution to the mystery

More and more years went by, and the Shadows of Vengoth still remained an unsolved mystery. Finally, Haishen got interested in the story and decided to solve it once and for all. He started with an attempt to prove the theory described above and to his astonishment, it turned out to be true. Haishen worked methodically and made use of his bosshunter’s experience and patience of steel. He just entered the chamber with the boss and stood by him (not attacking) until he was kicked out of the room. After many attempts, he finally achieved the results he hoped for – Shadow of Marziel appeared.

It seemed that the Shadows were just Arthei’s summons. But not normal summons – they appeared very rarely. Haishen finally proved the theory by entering the room a few dozens of times and meeting the rest of the shadow bosses.

Attention: If you would like to try the above method and „resp” the bosses yourself, you have to finish the Blood Brothers Quest and get Ghost’s Tear which is needed to enter the boss room each time. You can easily buy it from Black Bert for example.

Some interesting facts and stats

  • Shadows probably reflect most of the abilities of the “real” bosses like resistances, overall dmg and even sounds. For example, Shadow of Boreth is immune to earth dmg, the same as Boreth. Below you can see that Shadow of Marziel used “normal” Marziel’s sound.
  • Shadows disappear on kill, they don’t leave any physical body.
  • Shadows don’t drop any loot, nor give exp.
  • By analyzing Haishen’s server logs we came into conclusion that all Shadows have 600 hp.
  • These are the best hits recorded by Haishen:
    23:21 Thundergiant loses 344 hitpoints due to an attack by Shadow of Boreth.
    10:35 Thundergiant loses 451 hitpoints due to an attack by Shadow of Marziel.
  • Shadows are summons, yet they are counted as bosses in kill statistics.
  • They are not convincible and they sense invis.
  • Regular vampires summoned by Arthei behave strangely. If you trap Arthei, they just run over the room. If you dmg them, they run straight to Arthei. If you step on fire (your own firebomb for example) they disappear.

This mechanism of making the Shadows to appear is both strange an mysterious. Perhaps there is something more to it, as Vengoth is one of the most enigmatic places in Tibia. Nevertheless, we at least shed some light on one part of the mystery.


November 22, 2020
Wow, it's so amazing! vampires are my favorite bosses. I'm still waiting for Armenius! ;-)
November 22, 2020
do they give charm points for bestary?
November 22, 2020
Unfortunately not. Killing bosses doesn't give you charm points.
November 23, 2020
Love it, definitely going to try it!
November 26, 2020
Wooow, I am wondering how many tears was used for this research. Very interesting, last time I have been there I didn't noticed Dark Torthurer, my journey ended differently that this :D
November 26, 2020
The first time I had to use 4 Ghost's Tear. Sometimes I needed them 10+. The first appearance of all the shadows required about 15~ Ghost's Tear.

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